True Blood, Second Episode

I should be excited about a show about a guy with a big penis, but I am not.

Yeah, still not digging the black man in chains motif, especially on a show that’s this crappy about race.

But damn, Eric is fine.

Oh, chest hair, I’m glad to see you making a come-back.

Poor Lafayette. He sold Jason out for nothing.

I’m very glad that I never had to go to church camp. I would not have been able to sing that crap with a straight face.  And I’m glad Jason is still an idiot.  But it’s embarrassing to see that he’s fallen in with idiots just like him.

And how beautiful is Eggs?!

Okay, I’m no Christian, but do they have to portray every Christian on this show as a secret asshole or fool?

But, as always, the stuff with Sookie’s grandma is nicely done. Subtle and easy, kind of like I wish the rest of the show were.

And I’m going to stick to my theory that both the Reverend and his wife want Jason and will try to sleep with him.

Okay, I also thought the football game was nicely done. I think I tutored a guy just like him in high school.  That scene told us more about him in a short time than anything all series.

Is the metal they put in your hip really that strong?

Ugh, but I don’t want Terrah to have been jealous of Sookie’s long blond hair.

Okay, I laughed when that chick screamed because the towels were dirty.

It’s not just me, right, but it’s like they just skipped the interesting and complex writing about Christians and replaced it with “The Idiot’s Guide to Southern Christian Stereotypes?”

Jess’ka?  Jess’ka? I’m going to have to think on whether I’ve ever heard Dr. J. called Jess’ka.  It seems more likely that she has three and a half syllables not two.

Hurray!  Erik!

And Terry!  Between Erik and Terry, they save the show.

And has Mary Anne been eating all day?  I guess I could use a good guide to how to spell these people’s names.

If I’d spent all day eating, I’d be shitting, not dancing.

Being a vampire seems like a lot of passive aggression.

“Muslim Buffy with a Dick.”  When this show works, it works really well.

And are we taking bets on how long it is until Jason is a vampire?

I hope they make Lafayette a vampire.

And I kind of hope Bill goes ahead and kills that whole family.  But good lord I have no desire to see the Sooky pissing and moaning about this next week.

So, in some regards, the writing improves.  In other regards, it still is what it is.

15 thoughts on “True Blood, Second Episode

  1. I missed it today. Not sure if I care enough to watch the TiVod episode. I’m getting awfully tired of Christians = assholes.

  2. It would be one thing if everyone on the show were assholes and the Christians were just assholes in their own peculiar way.

    But it seems like the writing is improving, so I’d like to see the writing in this area picking up pretty damn soon. But I really feel like the writers’ ideas of what Christians are like is only surpassed in terms of cluelessness by their ideas about what southern black people are like.

  3. I bet the minister’s wife is dying to play “I’ll be the bad vampire. You stake me.” in bed, for sure.

    I’m still bugged, after sleeping on it, that Tara envied Sookie’s hair when she was little, because that seems to me so flat and so much like what a white person would think a black woman would think. Again, I’m white, so I’m speaking from my own experience, but it seems like Tara is kind of an inward directed character.

    So, even if she wanted blond hair (which I’m still not buying) wouldn’t she have said “I wished I had blond hair, too” or something, not “I envied your hair” (that’s not an exact quote).

    The whole thing didn’t sit right with me, for a couple of different reasons.

    It frustrates me that some people seem on the verge of being whole characters and some are still so flat, like moving props.

    All the actors on this show are so much better than the show is.

  4. Though I don’t buy most of the Southern accents on this show, I can vouch for the fact that many of my extended family members call me “Jess-ka.”

    I didn’t watch the first season and am having a really hard time understanding what’s going on in the second. Particularly with the chained up people in the basement.

  5. Re: Tara loving Sookie’s hair

    Did anyone else flash on that old routine from Whoopie Goldberg’s first one-woman show in which her little black girl character wore a shirt on her head to pretend it was long, flowing blonde hair?

  6. @Coble — nearly all the human characters would insist they’re Christians. The culty ones are portrayed as morons, and that’s fair because cultishness is the opposite of intelligence. And persecution complexes are tiresome.

    TB is brilliant about race. Ball knows what stereotypes he’s bringing up and he knows he’s throwing them in the faces of the characters and the audience.

    If you like chest hair, Skarsgard is going to disappoint. :)

    Did you really ask if joint replacements are “that strong”?

    They’re medical grade titanium… basically the ultimate standard for strong.

    “So, in some regards, the writing improves. In other regards, it still is what it is.”

    If you want people to respect your blanket judgments, perhaps you shouldn’t work so hard to prove you’re dumb in the preceding portion of the post. Or put the vague critique *before* we get a taste of your writing, which most assuredly “is what it is…” Oy.

  7. So, Lauren, you run around the internet finding things to disagree with on blogs you don’t regularly visit (though conveniently using the name of someone who’s already commented in the thread) and acting all superior to people you don’t even know and I’m dumb?

    Ha, yeah, good luck with that personality trait.

  8. Ball knows what stereotypes he’s bringing up and he knows he’s throwing them in the faces of the characters and the audience.

    Really?!? That’s what he’s doing. I’m still of the belief that he’s creating a latter-day minstrel show.

    If you want people to respect your blanket judgments, perhaps you shouldn’t work so hard to prove you’re dumb in the preceding portion of the post.

    Oh! I get it. You’re one of THOSE! Okay. Never mind. Find your way back to one of the countless Squee Boards and heap piles of fanlove on the show.

    The writer of this piece continues to have her work sought after in multiple venues–none of which are second-rate vampire soap operas.

  9. (Again, for the record, Head-Up-Ass Lauren is not the the same Lauren as the Lauren who initially commented in this thread and who is a regular commenter here. Though if Lauren the regular has some kinky fetish that requires heads up her butt, no one here will judge! Ha.)

  10. Last week when I was rereading your True Blood stuff from before the same joker did the same thing but called him/herself “Beth”.

    I was stunned because I was all “Miss Beth D. does NOT speak like that!”

    I think this person is a bit of a knob.

  11. Oh, come on. Fuck that noise. You clearly meant to be offensive. If you’ve decided otherwise, great. Welcome. But don’t play that whole “What? What?” crap. Just come here and act like a human being.

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