Monday Stuff

1.  Who the hell are Bob Corker’s people? Because not only should everyone in the state (starting with the employees of the Spring Hill plant) get to line up and give him a swift kick in the ass, his people need a swift kick in the ass.  Too busy to meet with the Supreme Court nomination? What? Too busy researching which industry Tennesseans depend on for jobs so that you can piss that industry off?  You didn’t want to give women the idea that they could keep you waiting? What, exactly, Bob Corker, was so damn important that you yet again had to represent Tennessee as a bunch of jackasses rather than act like a statesman?  And who on your staff lets you get away with this petulant baby crap?

2. Nope. Not buying it. Who cares if dude only lost his job because of what Goforth was going through?  Maybe between this and watching Lee and Sam argue in the comments, I have figured out where I stand. I don’t want to sit around saying “Well, shoot, look at the Republicans, look at what they’re doing.  We have to fight like they fight. Etc.”  I want the Republicans to know that there are just some things that are unacceptable and, if they do them, we’re going to call them out.

But it’s on them to straighten out their own house.

And if they don’t, then it’s their loss.

But if I’m going to sit here and say that I think the Tennessee Democrats have lost their way and that they don’t have a coherent message except “Let’s do what the Republicans do,” I don’t think that having another conversation in which we sit around and say, “But look at what the Republicans do–how they effectively manage their message, etc. We need to do that.”

I don’t know. Maybe we do.  But I don’t like it.

I want to get our house in order and, for me, that means doing stuff much differently than we have in the past or than Republicans do now.

But I’m naive that way.

3.  As for May Town Center, Mikes got two good posts up.  One is about how the Mays want less urbanity for themselves and the other is about how weird the Planning Commission is being about this whole thing.

4. Interestingly enough, Christine Kreyling has a story today that might be called “Isn’t the Planning Commission being weird about this whole thing?“.

5. I also had a post at Pith that might be titled “Isn’t the behavior of the Planning Commission weird?”

I don’t know what to make of that, but I just thought I’d point it out.


2 thoughts on “Monday Stuff

  1. I realise I’ve beaten this tired drum several times already but I’m afraid you’ll start to see the Democrats act more like the Republicans the longer they retain Presidential power.

    It’s sort of the way the game rolls on… And I’m sorry for you because I think–even though I disagree with the basic philosophy of Democratic politics–that you deserve better.

  2. re.: Item 2, it looks like Kleinheider gives a really good rundown of the events. The juxtaposition speaks volumes about how the Dems and Republicans are operating these days. In any case, my suggestion that liberals and progressives need to be willing to fight goes beyond the bipartisan framework, and I didn’t make that clear enough. I am in the Green Party, after all. I agree that getting Democratic representatives to behave like Republicans is not an answer. Part of why elected Democrats are such quislings for horrid Republican behavior is that the Dems are loath to offend the organs of concentrated wealth for whose attentions they are competing with the Republicans. That means that the first fight Democratic voters have is with their own party. The fight wasn’t worth it anymore to me, so the Dems no longer get my vote. Being Green may not get me much further, but at least I don’t feel like a sucker who’s getting kicked from in front and behind.

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