Things that Made Me Laugh

1. Theogeo’s review of the new Transformers movie.  So true about the white pants.

2. Daisy, this one’s for you–in which I argue that Mark Sanford is misunderstanding Hank Snow.

3. I got asked yesterday to guest blog at Feministe!  I will let you know when when I know when. But, yeah, I’m tickled.

2 thoughts on “Things that Made Me Laugh

  1. I just gotta say, damn, we are having fun here in Carolina. Shit-eating grins everywhere. An Obama campaign worker I hadn’t seen for months, actually came into the store (where I work) last night to just GRIN at me. And then we started a sort of deranged, delighted cackling.

    Although I really wanted Sanford to be hiking on the Appalachian Trail on Naked Hiking Day! (((cackle, cackle)))

    Also, I kept thinking of Wilbur Mills and Fannie Foxe, known as the ‘Argentine Firecracker’. Has the Governor been playing with any fireworks himself? (TEE HEE! CACKLE!)

    Having a wonderful time, wish you were here!

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