Ward Cammack, Shining Beacon of Justice

So, Ward Cammack is a Democrat running for Governor of the State of Tennessee.  He also belongs to the Belle Meade Country Club, which, for some reason can only find one black person in the whole world “right” for membership, and, fortunately, this black guy lives in Atlanta, which is four hours away, so that, if anybody hears that he’s on his way to the Club, they have time to flee if their delicate sensibilities might be offended.

There are a few things going on at different levels.  Braisted, according to Kleinheider, is insinuating that the same people who moved against Forrester for the TNDP chair are the same folks moving against Cammack.

And Cammack doesn’t have a communications guy anymore to help smooth out his “No, I’m staying in the Country Club because I can’t turn my back on the wait-staff!” message.

But here’s the thing.  When Braisted says, “First off, if it was wrong to join the club 5 years ago, it’d still be wrong even if he now dropped his membership,” I say in response, hell yes it’s wrong to join a club that doesn’t let black people in.  If you are a white Democrat, and you are somewhere and you look around the room and the only black people in it are serving you food, you don’t fucking become a member of that place.  And if you were a Republican when you joined it but switched, well, come to Jesus now, Demmie, and quit that place.

Listen, if you want to join an all-white country club in the privacy of your own life, go right ahead.  I will make fun of you, but I will respect your right to assemble with whom you like.

But if you want to run the whole State of Tennessee, you’ve got to leave this kind of foolishness behind.

It’s not right.

And it’s embarrassing to point that out to a DEMOCRAT.

But worse is this nonsense about how he will stay a member for the sake of the staff.

Don’t do regular folks the favor of putting off doing the right thing so that you can continue to let them have the privilege of serving you.

That attitude needs to be run out of the Democratic party on a rail right this second.

13 thoughts on “Ward Cammack, Shining Beacon of Justice

  1. Huh… so it’s Ward Cammack’s fault that the Belle Meade Country Club is almost all white?

    Isn’t that like blaming Al Gore for the fact that most environmental scientists are white?

  2. No, it’s Ward Cammack’s fault for BELONGING to an all white country club. It’s not his fault they’re idiots. But it’s his fault he joined up with them.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Aunt B. How condescending to say that he won’t quit because he wants to keep African Americans employed.

    Also, Judge Sotomayor just quit her all-female club due to Republican criticism. How can a Democrat defend membership in this club?

    Has anyone reported the club policy on women?

  4. Interesting how everyone keeps drawing the worst possible interpretation of what he said. “…we all have different constituencies of people we may hang out with or are a part of, and I don’t see any reason for me to turn my back on anybody, including the employees there”

    I don’t see anything about not quitting to keep African Americans employed, as Ben seems intent on suggesting here and elsewhere.

    Oh, btw- most of the employees at BMCC are white.

  5. Good luck with that line of attack, Berger, but if you look at what I wrote, you’ll see that my complaint is two-fold:

    1. Cammack doesn’t have sense enough to not belong to a an almost-all-white country club.

    2. His argument against leaving is that it would hurt the common folks who work there.

    I am tired of both the “oh, being a decent person is too hard” whining by every politician in Tennessee AND the Democrats’ “The Rich Shall Rule You, but Benevolently” attitude.

  6. <>

    I agree with the commenter regarding Cammack and BMCC (an abbreviation of which I never tire), but the comparison to Sotomayor is ludicrous (as the first two paragraphs of this — http://tr.im/pLNF — make amply clear).

  7. Aunt B, I have to respectfully disagree. I don’t take his point to be that the loss of one membership would hurt that club financially. I’m sure it’s quite well-funded. I take his point to be that leaving the club for political gain would be thumbing his nose at the members and employees.

    I understand the instant reaction of “you shouldn’t be a member of an all-white club in the first place.” But upon further thought, that’s like saying I should never go to a Predators game because it has a mostly white audience and all white players.

    If you’re tired of that attitude from TN politicians in general, I’m right there with you. But it’s not something I’ve seen from Cammack.

  8. But it’s not the same thing. Black people can go to Predators games. Yes, it’s rare to see black hockey players, but there are have been some. And you don’t have to “join” in order to get into the Sommet center.

    And let me tell you, I cannot weep on single tear for anyone at the BMCC if they have only one damn black member and their feelings might be hurt if Cammack stopped associating with them.

    If they don’t want people to stop associating with them when their long-standing tradition becomes politically inconvenient THEN MAYBE THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE THEIR LONG STANDING TRADITION.

    Cammack wants to lead?

    Then lead. Lead by example.

    The fact that being perceived as thumbing your nose at bigots is a problem for Democrats in this state speaks a great deal to the problems with Democrats in this state.

  9. You should know by now, B., that intolerance of bigotry is worse than bigotry itself. And criticizing racism? That’s the new racism. (Because we know that racism is so, like, historical and stuff, so anyone who still ‘sees’ it must be a racist. Or make that a new racist)

    I’ll be damned if a white man can catch a break these days.

  10. Well said B. I guess time will tell what this means for him. But yes, if thumbing your nose at bigots is a problem among dems (never mind the gop) , then that’s what really needs to be addressed.

  11. It’s obvious to me that Berger works for Cammack because s/he has been desperately defending Cammack’s membership in an exclusive club all day.

    This goes beyond race. I found some stories that indicate BMCC does not allow women to be full members.

    How can Cammack claim he will represent all Tennesseans when he won’t associate with all Tennesseans?

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