True Blood, Season Two, Episode Three, I Think

Still on the fence about “Hung.”

Is Suky just butt-ass stupid? And that minotaur thing was, um, yes, well, let’s hope it improves from here, shall we?

Oh, I kind of love foaming at the mouth version of Suki.

I love Erik.  Good lord, he’s hilarious.

Oh, Eddie.  I’m glad to see you again, too.  Even if you’re just a dream.  And it was surprisingly hot to watch you bite Jason.

Terry, talk some sense into this moron.

I find this Jason stuff kind of boring, especially because it’s moving kind of slow.

I don’t believe Mrs. Reverend’s sister is actually dead, which is too bad, because it would be nice if it were a little more complex.

I really love what a good screamer Ginger is.  She seems to be having the most fun of anyone on this show.

Tara and Eggs are so beautiful, so I fear it’s going to go horribly wrong.

I am really, frankly, tired of every fight between Suky and Bill going exactly the same.

Okay, where does Jessica have any money to go to the bar?  Is that too stupid a question?

Oh, these guys would be a cute couple.  Don’t eat Hoyt, Jessica!

I think the sexual tension between Suky and Erik is kind of already thick.  Poor Bill is a little clueless.

And the wink at LaFayette?!

I’d like to see a semi-smart Jason.

Smooch her!  Smooch her!

She smooched him!

Keep your eyes on the road, Bill!  Whenever Bill’s driving, he spends half the time looking at Suky. If they were in Tennessee, I would petition the state legislature to enact a “no melodramatic fighting while driving” bill, because those two are a menace.

I may be lacking an important prudish gene but what is it exactly about the orgy that made Tara so uncomfortable?

So, are we guessing that the thing in the woods first tried to scratch Suky to get to Sam and has now scratched Daphne?  And what would a minotaur want with Sam?  I’m a little intrigued but also a little disappointed because I was hoping it was going be that Daphne was also a shape shifter like Sam.

4 thoughts on “True Blood, Season Two, Episode Three, I Think

  1. I made that exact same comment about Bill not keeping his eyes on the road. And is Suky always this annoying? I’m ready to see more of the “darkness” in Bill. He’s much hotter when he’s not groveling to her. I did like the way someone on the show last night said “cumpnee” for “company.” They do get some Southernisms right.

    Did you watch “Hung”? I thought the guy was amusing. I like his gruff voice, and I also like the Detroit backdrop. We’ll see, though.

  2. Ha, no, after all the previews for it I was somehow confused and thought it came on before True Blood so didn’t stick around.

    I can’t remember who said it, but it’s true. The whole show is a lot easier to manage if you just remember that both Stackhouses are idiots.

    And, yes, I would love to see Bill stop grovelling. Whew, that’s old already.

  3. my cable went out so this didn’t TiVo. That goes a long way toward making up my mind about watching. But it’ll probably go the way last season does. I’ll watch them in a big hunk while I’m bored and flipping through OnDemand.

    {Kind of Spoiler Alert}

    One of the reasons I stopped reading the books is because I read that she and Bill break up and she sorta becomes kind of a recreational spot for various paranormal entities. While I like the idea of a mismatched couple (Suky & Bill) dealing with The Strange while building a lasting relationship I don’t much care for Serial Monogamy & Flirtation with A Long List Of Vampires, Wearwolves, Norse Gods, etc.

    So I’m not surprised if they break her and Bill up and move her to Eric. That’s how it goes in the books. Of course, T & E aren’t in the books at all and Lafayette is toast by the very end of book 1 so who knows how much the show will depart. Frankly I’d be more willing to watch the show if she stays with Bill.

  4. I really don’t find the Bill/Suki relationship believable OR interesting, but maybe that’s because I don’t really like either character.

    Eric, on the other hand. Delectable.

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