A Review and a Preview

The preview: Y’all!  You can already get Those Darlins’ album from iTunes!  I am trying my very hardest not to download it here at work, even though I so need to spend the whole afternoon listening to it.  But look at the song list!  They do a version of “Who’s that Knocking at My Window?” AND “Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy” (which reminds me, if you have a copy of Uncle Dave Macon’s version, email me. I can’t find the Oxford American CD with it on it.).  I can’t wait to listen to it.

But what radio station will play them? How will the whole world know they need to dance around to them?

The Review: Hombre Lobo by the Eels.  The Butcher and I have both been listening to it all weekend and we are both of the opinion that it is a good album that becomes great the longer you let it repeat. I’m not a big Eels fan, but the Butcher is.  He says it’s much better than their last one, which he declared “kind of boring and pretentious.” So, even if their last album put you off, you might like this one.

Ha, I’m sorry, I’m such a fan-girl nerd when it comes to music I like.

One thought on “A Review and a Preview

  1. OK, I have listened to Those Darlins. And I think, as you like them, you might want to check out the Damnations TX. I tried to find you a video of their song “Kansas,” which I think you ought to love. But I couldn’t, so
    here’s a link
    to them doing “Unholy Train” instead.

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