Wait, Regular People are Allowed to Marry the Irish Now?

When did that happen?


This clip from Fox & Friends could not be any more funny and yet mind-bogglingly appalling.  You know when a dude starts talking about the wonderful purity of the Swedes that it’s going to be a trainwreck, but listen closely for the contemp in the “If I only had a brain” whistle in the background. (Jeff Fecke is pretty hilarious about it here.)

The really sad part is that we’re at 10% unemployment in this country and yet this joker still has a job. Like there’s not some pretty person who can get on Fox and who is at least aware that the Irish are not a separate species from the rest of America.

Unsquare Dance

I sat in the back seat while my dad watched with delight as the Butcher tried to figure out the time signature to this song as we were driving along.  I wish I had a picture to show you how carefully they were listening and how the way their necks arched to give their ears the best position said something to me about love and music I don’t know quite how to explain to you.  I love how, at one point, the drum sticks sound like a clacking computer keyboard.

News Flash: David Fowler Makes Stuff Up Because His Cause is More Important than the Truth

Chris Sanders writes a very thoughtful post today about how David “You might remember me, I make shit up about abortions because I hate them” Fowler is now rallying against Nashville passing a non-discrimination ordinance.

I have lost all capacity to be thoughtful about the man.

Anyway, just what the fuck is going on in men’s bathrooms at work? Because, I have to tell you, in the women’s bathroom, we’re making some small talk by the sink and then we each go into our own locked stall and we do our business by ourselves.  If a transgender woman uses the women’s bathroom, it literally makes no difference to how I use the bathroom, since there is no womanly requirement that we stick our noses in each others’ genitals. I would have to adjust nothing about my day to accommodate her.

You could have feathers instead of pubic hair. You could have a tiny puppy grafted onto your cooter.  You could be walking around with a six inch wide butt plug and I would never know.

If men wanted to use the women’s bathroom, sure, yes, it would take a little getting used to (a girl raised by Protestant Midwesterners doesn’t get over that shit over night), but I would get used to it and then soon, we’d all be either peeing together as one or we’d establish a “one person in the bathroom at a time” rule.

So, I never know what to make of this fear of a confusing bathroom experience.

Is it customary for the David Fowlers of the world to push their eyes up to the space between the stall door and the frame?  Some requirement?  Because, otherwise, I just don’t see how this is a problem.

Shoot, if it’s a one-seater and there’s a line for the women’s and not for the men’s? I’ve been known to use the men’s.

Is Fowler going to rally against me next?