Cinnamon Basil

I put together a bag of goodies for the Professor. Zucchini, cucumbers (but not becumbers!), peppers, and basil.  As you’ll recall, I bought Cinnamon basil by mistake so I planted a little of it along with a lot of the regular basil.

None of the regular basil came up.

But the cinnamon basil is going gang-busters.  And now my office smells so good I about can’t stand it.

I want to try it on a pizza.  Or roll in it.  Or something.



Two Reasons I Love Tennessee

1. Passengers can still drink in your car as long as you, the driver, stay sober.

2. A man can say to a town, “Hey, don’t bother cutting those dead trees down. You just trim them up some and I’ll make some art out of them.” There are many other places in which a person would have to get a permit and have hearings all about whether his public art was appropriate and so on and so on. Here, faces get carved in trees.

Doesn’t that make you want to drive out to Kingston Springs?