The Tennessean, Turns Out I’m Too Fat and Lazy to Continue Reading Your Paper

So, the Tennessean has an opinion piece today about how lazy fat people are and how, if we don’t get off our asses, Tennessee, we’re going to embarrass ourselves in front of the whole country.

I’d advise the Tennessean to contact Perigee Books and ask for a review copy of this book, but then I realized that there’s no one left at the Tennessean to review it.

That’s also a little embarrassing, one would think.

(You may recall we discussed more substanative issues here.)

17 thoughts on “The Tennessean, Turns Out I’m Too Fat and Lazy to Continue Reading Your Paper

  1. I read this article via Hobbs on Twitter and was so mad I almost broke my own damned iPod.

    I wish at that moment I’d subscribed to the Tennessean just so I could unsubscribe now.

  2. As noted in my tweet, if they choose to start being judgmental (and that whole bootstraps point could have been made in a more reasonable, more effective way), then oh, boy, the phones @ Broad are gonna start ringing off the walls with lots of messages from pots.

    (Oops. Ha. Inadvertent pun.)

    If they want to be this region’s arbiters of good health and morals, I’d suggest they look to see if their wedding rings are on and pants are zipped first. Or at least that they’re using condoms.

  3. Who wrote that shit? Obviously someone who has never been overweight or tried to lose weight.

    Those who are serious about exercise should know it doesn’t require membership in an expensive fitness center to take a walk. Enough parks, greenways and backyards exist to accommodate a brisk walk every day. Excuses about time availability are usually pretty lame.

    Are you fucking kidding me? There is so much wrong with that paragraph it would take me all day to dissect it. I guess I’ll just go shovel more biscuits and gravy in my mouth and make judgments about people’s weight based only on my own prejudice. And after that, I’m going to kill babies and invite mexicans to steal my neighbors’ jobs and smoke a bunch of weed and drive drunk on my way to marry a goat.

  4. I know, I know. Though, damn it, if there’s a weed-smoking, drunk-driving goat wedding, I’d better be invited to it.

    I was stunned to see it was an unsigned editorial. You mean, they actually believe that EVERYONE at the paper would feel that was a fair and reasoned piece, even if they disagreed with it?

    Frankly, I don’t believe that for a second.

    grandfille, *snerk*

  5. Oh don’t worry, if I am able to talk a goat into marrying me you’ll be there. Hell, I’d be honored if you’d officiate.

  6. I’d be honored to accept! Just, please, find the right goat. So many women these days get to be about 30 and they start worrying that they haven’t married a goat yet and the first one that comes along and nibbles on their pants, they run down the aisle with and then five years later?

    Another sad goat divorce.

    You deserve a good goat. Please, never forget that.


  7. I’m just trying to help Rush Limbaugh out. It must be hard, you know, being that stupid and wrong all of the time.

  8. When I first got into politics, everyone commented on how skinny I was. I’ve always had the sort of metabolism that allowed me to eat steaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I wanted without gaining a pound.

    Now, I’ve finally reached that age where my metabolism is slowing down, and I’ve gained 20 lbs in about six months. I’ve actually got stretch marks now.

    Something I think most people don’t appreciate: your diet has less to do with your weight than your metabolism. If your body thinks it’s wintertime, or famine, or whatever, it’s going to store up fat and there is nothing you can put in your mouth (or keep out of your mouth) that’s going to change that.

    I’m not going down the whole “it’s glandular” road, but there’s more truth to that cliche than the bullshit idea that fat people are fat because they’re lazy gluttons. I was a lazy glutton for thirty years before I ever had to pay a price for it, and I have friends who literally eat one meal a day or less and they’re still three hundred pounds.

  9. I’m not an expert but I suspect the issue of obesity is a tad more complicated than simply folks “doing their part to stay healthy” via exercise and proper eating. People forget the role that poverty plays in this battle, the fact that the least expensive foods are often the least healthy, the fact that our schools shove high-glycemic foods on our kids (“ketchup is a vegetable!”), the fact that Washington through its Farm Bill promotes cheap corn over other agricultural products, thus cheap corn is used in everything from literally soups to nuts.

    It’s just NOT a matter of eat right, exercise, and all is well. Things are never as simple as they look.

  10. The comments on that editorial are even worse than the editorial itself. Read the one that begins “Obesity is not near as threatening as liberalism,” and you’ll blow a gasket all over again.

  11. Hallelujah and pass the fried, cheese & bacon covered potatoes! (with extra ranch dressing and some ketchup, ’cause it’s a vegetable!)

  12. Indeed, if the folks at the Tennessean feel so strongly on this topic, they should do their part and refuse advertising from any organization that promotes food that lacks nutritional value and any sedentary activities. Though that may be all the advertising they have left.

  13. In the interest of transparency, they should also publish the waist sizes and BMIs of their editorial board.

    SoBeale, maybe I’m just inured to that level of stupidity, but that just comes across to me as fairly boilerplate whaargarble. I’ll bet that person has typed those same words in that order on at least a dozen different websites by now.

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