True Blood, Late Again

But in my defense, we had pesto!

Oh, Sam. If you couldn’t see that coming, you maybe should read some more books.

But no, Sam, don’t trust her.

Terry, with his crazy eyes, is cracking me up.

Sometimes, and maybe I’m just a prude, I feel a little like I’m seeing too much of Bill and Sookie, like I’m intruding on something intimate that doesn’t concern me.

I would have loved it if Tara went to listen to Eggs’ heart and heard nothing. If he were living dead guy.

Oh, Sookie, you are so weirdly patronizing.

I’m glad to see Bill’s chest hair is coming back.

“I can’t lose you.” “You never will.” I think we call that ‘foreshadowing’.

Watching Daphne and what’s her face fight tickles me a little bit.

Defeated-Lafayette is just not that much fun. And kind of sad.

Maryanne is creeping me right the fuck out.

This whole ‘Luke can’t climb the fence’ thing is disturbing, but damn it, if Jason isn’t showing some growth as a human being.  But again, white people, please avoid a straight-up hand gesture.

Are Gabe and the Reverend lovers?

But I like that we see a little interesting drama between Sara and the Reverend.  Finally, it makes them seem a little interesting.

Well, finally, we’ve seen Maryanne exhibit an evil power.

Sara!  No, no.  Just when you’ve become remotely interesting!

Okay, but comparing yourself to Mary Magdeline is pretty hilarious and clever.

Sara, no, don’t!

But Jason, yes, go do!

Okay, I really wish I could watch stuff like that without thinking about whether my mom would have given Jason a handjob.

See?! God, I need therapy now.

Is one of Sookie’s eyebrows thinner than the other?

I like that I started my day with Odin and finished my day with talk of Valhalla.

If Bill couldn’t figure out that Godric is Eric’s maker, perhaps Bill needs to borrow some of the books Sam needs to read.

Also, Sam has the worst flirty talk ever.

Oh, gross, is Maryann wearing Granny’s clothes?

Is poor Jessica still trapped in the other room?!  Good lord, let the girl get some air!

Weeding is Not as Exciting as Other Things

Last night, we watched Coraline. It is excellent and I loved it.  This morning, we went and saw the new Harry Potter, which we both liked. I especially liked the scene early on where the muggle woman told Dumbledore something important and he ignored it because he thought he knew better than her. Nicely done on a lot of levels, and subtle.

Also, I am always delighted to see Odin popping back up from time to time, even if I’m very sure that the writers and movie makers are completely unaware of what it is that’s so satisfying about an old graybearded wizard.

Some weeding happened, but then we were rescued by the Professor who showed up to talk and to make dinner. We had pesto made from stuff in our garen and zucchini bread made from stuff from the garden.

And then someone who asks to remain nameless sent me a link to this article and I read it outloud twice in my most dramatic voice and we laughed and laughed like two kids at a slumber party.

Edited to add: I forgot to say that the orange cat caught a mouse and played with it for a while. Then he had to walk all around the yard trying to find a place where he could be sure that we were watching him eat it, but that was too far away from us for us to actually make an attempt to get it from him.

Then he strutted around for the rest of the afternoon like he had balls made of diamonds. Of course, he has no balls at all. But that’s just a minor detail.

Kill the moles next, sweetie. Kill the moles next.