Okay, fellow gardeners, nm and I have both realized that we have now had a garden full of green tomatoes for two weeks. Tomato plot to drive us all mad?  Not enough sunshine to turn them red? What?

Are we alone?

Also, let’s have some consensus on turning pumpkins and watermelons. I say unnecessary and bound to harmfully twist the vegetable equivalent of their umbilical cords.  The Butcher says, “But they’re getting a white spot on the bottom!” What say you?


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  1. They’re supposed to have a white spot on the bottom! When you pick them at the market, you look for a white belly (so you know they ripened in the field) and thump them to make sure they sound hollow (so you know they’re ripe enough to taste good). The Butcher needs to stick to meat, apparently!

    As for the tomatoes, they need more sun and more heat.

  2. Mine are stalled, but I’m also having a mammalian invasion problem. I have found a number of half-eaten tomatoes in the yard.

    I know I have a couple of raccoons in the backyard (i.e. I treed one in the pear tree the other night as I surprised it), so they’re the most likely culprits at this point. I cannot, however, rule out opossum. Trapping is nearly pointless, as we’re overrun with critters in FH.

    Fi-Shock fencing, here I come. Spending >$100 to protect $20 worth of plants. Ugh.

  3. Our tomatos are green, but they’re still golf ball sized so I’m not worried about it yet. Last year we got a ton of tomatos and the plants were in the same spot. the reality is, I doubt we’ll dig them up and take them with us so well only get the ones that ripen before the move anyhow.

  4. I’ve been told excessive heat stalls tomatos. I know mine are doing a whole lot of nothing these days. Maybe our cool snap will help.

    As for melons, don’t turn them. No reason to, the white spot’s no big deal.

  5. I picked my first ripe tomato on July 3rd. I have 25 plants and I get 2-3 ripe tomatoes a week. This is the worst year ever for me growing tomatoes, usually this time of year I have maters coming out my ears. I’m going with we need more heat and sunshine as the reason. Pretty much everyone I’ve talked to is getting less tomatoes and they are coming in later than usual.

  6. Mine are still green but they’re not large enough yet to ripen — at least that’s what I thought was the problem. Now I’m beginning to wonder….

  7. I have 13 plants. One given to me as an early producer has given me about half a dozen ripe tomatoes so far. And my cherry tomatoes, though not bearing as heavily as most years, has started to ripen a few little things each day. But the other 11 plants … one has no fruit, but the others are all weighed down with huuuuuuuge tomatoes. Which are staying green. It’s all a mystery to me. I don’t think the temperature is the problem, but I think all the overcast may be hurting them.

  8. I was getting a steady one per week from each of my early producers and 4-5 cherry tomatoes from my 2 plants. But they seem to have stalled at the moment. Lots of green but no reddening. I’ve always been told that tomatoes like the heat so I figured that hot spell we had in June helped and the cold lately has stalled them.

  9. I don’t think we’ve had enough heat for our tomatoes to ripen.

    Also, what was said above about the melons and pumpkins. Don’t rotate them, just put some cardboard underneath them so they don’t rot from touching dirt. Still delicious when they’re thumpable.

  10. My tomatoes have been giving us 1 to 3 a day since late-June. The cherry tomatoes are just starting, but ought to be up to a quart a day in a couple of weeks.

    Are you holding your mouth right?

  11. I think they were just slacking, and needed to be told to shape up. Because there I was being all patient and they didn’t ripen. But soon as I started complaining to B about them, I got home from work and several of them were starting to show a little color. And a bit more this morning. So maybe they just needed to hear about it.

  12. I’m not a gardener, but my closest friend says that her roma tomatoes are hanging full of green tomatoes that will drop if you touch them. She’s bringing them inside and waiting for them to ripen and wondering what the hey?

  13. Mine are showing color, but very slowly ripening. For awhile there they were ripening so fast they’d be yellow when I left for work and by the time I got home they’d be so ripe they were starting to split.

  14. I’m a farm manager in Nashville and our big tomatoes are still green. I get about 1 tomato a week for the big ones but my smaller pear toms and romas are doing well compared. Damn you cold spells!

  15. W., you keep up talk like that and next thing you know, you’ll have a garden full of skeptical women eying your tomatoes (not like that, Jim Voorhies).

    David, I could not be more tickled that you stopped by. I’m glad to hear that even the pros are having a tomato work slow-down.

  16. Level Best, that’s happening to my plum tomatoes — I’m finding green ones all over the ground. It isn’t animals pulling them off, since they have not a mark on them. They’re just falling. I’ll have to put them in a paper bag and see if they’ll ripen for me.

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