Am I Actually Home On Time to Watch True Blood?!

I wonder if we’ll see vampires flying at some point. I really would like to see flying vampires.  I would also like to see the Stackhouses become less dumb-ass, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in that.

Is Eric depressed?!  He seemed a little down with his blood hooker.

You know, a girl wonders if vampires would rather, in real life, if there were such things, hang out with really old people.  I would think that as annoying as it is to hang out with teenagers for us, it would be like that multiplied for Bill in real life.

Lorena is not a pleasant looking person.  Not a bad looking person, just she looks like a tremendous pain in the ass.

I’m tickled to learn that Bill sings.  That’s pleasant.

I am probably digging this whole Bill as flapper storyline more than I should.

Finally Sam gets around to asking about the scars? I mean, it’d be one thing if they were not giant animal scars, then it might be polite to not ask.  But if you are in a creepy woods and someone has creepy woods-living animal scars, you might get to the bottom of it sooner, I’d think.

Nose kisses, though, are about as annoying as forehead kisses.

Someone owes me a dollar if it turns out Sam and what’s her face are related.

I think this is the first time we’ve seen Eggs and Maryanne together.

Sookie had never though about growing old while Bill stays the same?

Oh, finally Eggs is interesting.

I mean, more than normal interesting.

Shut up, Tara and let a man have his existential angst.

Don’t surprise the man with PTSD!

“You weren’t on any damn gay cruise, ’cause you would have come back with more pizzaz, not less.”

I think we just saw the three most fucked up normal people in this show all in one place.

I’m still agnostic about sex on a pool table, at least a good one. You’d have the hard slate and the felt seems like it would give you bad rug rash.

Man, I have to tell you, Bill was much more interesting when he was evil.

Shut up! Daphne is the pig?!  Well, I was wrong about that.

Also, Sookie remains an idiot.

Oh, the old distract him from asking questions about your being a pig by giving him a blow-job technique.

Good lord, this is the world’s biggest church. It takes all day to walk around it?

Shoot, I hope folks aren’t watching this with their kids.

Aw, Hoyt is so damn cute. And kind of skeevy, considering his age.

I’m sorry.  I’m still stuck on the fact that Sookie would not have even considered that they would know and recognize her after they tried to kidnap her in the first place.  Good lord.

Though I’m not that convinced that the Reverend’s wife is as shockingly naive as she’s suddenly seeming.

How convenient that God is commanding her to get on Jason.

Now I’m trying to guess how many people have just stopped watching the show.

Holy shit! I wonder if they would actually kill off Sam. No, surely not.

Ha, well, wow. I have to say, I am finally feeling like the writing on this show is coming together, finally.  And for the first time, ever, I can’t wait to see what will happen.

Mysterious Things


So, yes, if you have seen me two or three times since you handed me this bag, and if you’ve even been to my house once, you should know that, though your bag is not being used to save the environment, it is being used.

wierd building

I saw this weird building in Cross Plains yesterday and I took a picture of it so that Bridgett can tell me what it is.

opposite freckle

Gaze upon my opposite freckle and quake!


Or, if the opposite freckle doesn’t do it for you, look at my rash.


And between this new gray hair and all my earrings, my left side is totally sparkly now.