True Blood, True Blood!

I’m here. My computer is just acting up.

And that opening sequence freaked me right out!  Holy cow. Speaking of cows, I’m glad that the bull thing that MaryAnne is consists of a mask, rather than some kind of true bull freaky thing.

Now, I don’t trust this dude, either.

Bill is not coming!  Poor Sookie.

Ooo!  A flashback!  I love these flashbacks.

I don’t believe a girl in 1935 would be wearing high cut underwear like that.

But mopey Bill is just so not fun.

Wow, Bill’s maker never impressed me as a good actor, but that was a good bit there.

Oh, Jason’s grin is so cute!  And stupid.

Oh, no, Jason, clearly she is in crazy-ville.

I like that Jason is considering the guns! Poor idiot Jason.

I’m glad Jessica was smart enough to ask Hoyt what he’d done it with. Whew. I was afraid we’d gotten into goat-fucking territory, here.

God, Jessica has the most beautiful eyes, great big beautiful eyes.

I like that the madder Erik gets, the lower he talks.

Ha, that must be the most powerful weed in the world if it can make you black out.

I somehow think the NRA frowns on keeping your gun in your attic.

Oh no! Poor Jason.

ARgh!  Run Jason, Run!

Okay, so if the Fellowship didn’t know that Sookie was Sookie, who did they think she was?

Steve is fucking creepy!  He plays creepy very well.

Shoot her, Sam. Shoot her!

Keep the gun pointed at her!  Pull the trigger!

Good lord. What does it take to get a creepy person dead on this show?!

It is him!  He’s the traitor.

Ooo. I don’t like the conflating of Dionysus with Satan.

Oh no! I think Isabel actually really likes Hugo. And Hugo is apparently slightly an idiot.

Well, apparently Jason took to his training well. Because he just did that dude in!

“I’m going to kick your ass so hard you’ll be shitting boots!”

I really want Tara to put this all together, somehow.

No! Not pure nihilism!  Anything but that!


Damn it, this was a good episode, but I felt like it was just stirring stuff we already knew. Damn it, I can see why people watch the whole season at once, because I cannot wait to see if we get to see Erik and Godric make out. When that happens, I will have to take the next day off.

Douche of the Decade

It’s probably the mark of a tremendously generous heart and a good teacher that Michael Burcham did not reveal which student of his tattled to the pastor at Two Rivers Baptist Church about him being gay and got him run off from Belmont, but if ever there was a person who deserves to be met with eye-rolls, it’s that kid.

But, you know, people grow up. Let’s hope that kid grew into someone who was less of an asshole.

Belmont is certainly transforming itself into a place that has moved beyond that kind of institutionalized bigotry, so anything is possible.