In Which I Die of Flattery and Other Random Things

1. I itch so bad from whatever bit me out in the yard yesterday that I kind of want to throw up.

2. I made Rex Noseworthy!  And so, in the new tradition of newspaper folks, I immediately contacted the AP and asked them to sue him for using my joke to amuse his reader! Ha, just kidding. I did not do that. Because I’m not an idiot. Instead, I was all “Woo hoo! Someone else thinks I’m occassionally amusing!” And I was very flattered.

3. Speaking of the AP, they’re now trying to give folks the impression that there’s no such thing as fair use and they’re doing it by pretending like there’s no such thing as the public domain.  This is almost to RIAA levels of embarrassment.  They haven’t started suing children yet, so it’s not quite that bad, but I assume it’s only a matter of time.

4. Yes, amazingly, if a man calls a woman a bitch, people are going to take that as a sexist slur. Have we learned nothing from Stephen Colbert? Men, you have to use the word “teste.”