“Wow, That Guy Really Hates Women”

So, I was at the eye doctor yesterday, explaining about how I can’t see in this particular way and hearing from her how I might fail to see in some other particular way and she was taking a medical history, so I was telling her about the obnoxious gynecologist I had when I first came to town.

And she said, “He said that to you?” and I said, “yes,” and she said, “God, it sounds like he really hates women.”

And I, my friends, had never considered that. I had always considered that a story about his hatred of fat people.

But, yeah, it is a story about a dude who hates women.

6 thoughts on ““Wow, That Guy Really Hates Women”

  1. Maybe your experience with a Christian gynecologist will help your dad with the Christian lawyer issues.

    OK, maybe not.

  2. Have you been to First Do No Harm, a site that records and reports these kind of discriminatory medical stories? Because yeah, most fat hate is closely related to misogyny (even in men, it’s because they’re “soft” and “helpless” and hence feminised to some extent).

    My gynaecologist gave me a much better explanation for PCOS – it’s to ensure reproduction in all seasons. When food is plentiful, thin women gain weight and become fertile. When food is scarce, fat women lose weight and become fertile.

  3. My God, that’s one of the worst doctor stories I’ve ever read! I would have been terrified (and then later I’d be really pissed-off).

  4. Lilacsigil, the worst part is that he wasn’t even the doctor to diagnose me with PCOS. He was supposed to be working in tandem with my primary care physician to determine if I had cancer (which, thankfully, I did not). Because, you know, there’s nothing more worrisome to someone with a potential cancer diagnosis hanging over her head than whether she’ll have kids.

    Ha. God, what a fucker.

  5. Please, for us all, use ratemds.com. Not spam, it’s just that I and others use it to find out patient’s perceptions of doctors, and your contribution would be valuable to others. I woudn’t want to even step in the office of someone like that.

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