8 thoughts on “So, Apparently, You Should Sit Very Still and Not Eat?

  1. You know, this reminds me … way, way back when I was an undergrad I moved into an apartment with two other undergrads, one of whom was an occasional dieter. And she had this little diet pamphlet (this was in the days before there were lots of diet books, or really many personal health books of any sort, so you would write off for these pamphlets about fixing the things that made you feel ill or insecure) sitting around, which I read one day because I was avoiding doing my work. And it was all about how if you wanted to be thinner you shouldn’t exercise because exercise builds up your muscles which add bulky inches to your body! And you weren’t supposed to eat meat because meat has protein which leads to muscle growth etc. I can’t remember what it allowed you to eat. Maybe vegetables?

  2. Well when you exercise, you do get hungrier, but it’s only because you’re using more energy. Kinda like you have to put more gas in your car to drive across the country than to drive across town. Nothing earth shattering there.

  3. Articles like this both tickle and thrill me a bit. They make me think of all the early philosophies about the solar system. You can tell people are thinking hard to come up with answers. You get thrilled when they start to realize the world is different than they’ve always said.

    Then I get sad bcz I realise just how long it’ll take before we get to the place where we realize we have to take bigger leaps in bariatrics than anyone wants to.

  4. That whole article is bullshit. I always lose weight when I step up my workouts. That’s precisely WHY I work out. I love to eat, I love to drink wine and beer, I love chocolate. I’d much rather bust my ass in the gym and enjoy the things I like to eat drink than be miserable attempting to live on carrots and celery sticks.

    I realize I’d lose *more* weight, faster, if I watched my diet. But that just doesn’t appeal to me.

    To each his/her own.

    And with that, off to kickboxing class. :-)

  5. Let the de-bunkening begin. Well, anecdote, of course, but I lost several pounds one week from hours cleaning a work storage room each day, so the exercise did it for me. I am well aware, though, that genetics and other factors make this unlikely for many people.

  6. “To each their own” is the truth. All the weight I’ve gained this year – the weight that bumped me from “average” to “overweight” BMI, although that doesn’t mean much to me – has been in muscle. The only times I’ve lost fat along with my increased muscle is when I was exercising as usual but not eating. Sadly, when you don’t eat enough to power your body through those workouts, you also can’t really power your brain. I had to cut that disordered shit out in grad school. I mean, I’d more or less cut it out a long time ago, but when you go up a size for any reason there’s an unholy host of inner voices shrieking for you to shrink.

    As a creepy side note, B, I thought you were going in a different direction with this post. I’m in Pittsburgh this week and have heard a lot of “exercise is bad for you” jokes after the L.A. Fitness shooting.

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