Uneventful Trip to El Rey Azteca

We went over to the infamous restaurant where Paul Stanley and the TBI arranged to meet the kid who was blackmailing him for dinner. I mean, we went there for dinner. The kid wanted money, not supper.

I was under the impression that it was a hair pricey, but I tell you what, I paid eleven dollars for what I thought was going to be some rice, beans, a tamale, and a couple of things I didn’t know what they were, but ended up being tasty, crunchy chicken things.

And after I ate as much as I could eat without dying…

Folks, I am not even kidding you with what I am about to tell you.


A whole motherfucking steak.

And it came with some flour tortillas, too.

And I’m still not sure what the tortillas were for.

But a steak!  And I don’t think it was an accident.  I believe the people who run this place put a steak on my plate under what can only be described as a shit-ton of food on purpose.

Well, needless to say, I am happy and the dog is very happy.

2 thoughts on “Uneventful Trip to El Rey Azteca

  1. The tortillas are for whatever. Sopping up steak juice. Wrapping around wayward food bits. Wiping your face.

    Only problem is they shoulda been corn. Corn tortillas are the best tortillas.

  2. I should have used them to make a small cushion for me to land on when I fainted from finding A GIANT STEAK on my plate!

    Holy shit. I will never tell people they are pricey again. I will say, “Um, random things seem to come with A STEAK!!!!!”

    Mmmm. Corn tortillas do sound good.

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