Unfortunate Relations

My grandpa Bob’s dad was Clayton Rich, his dad was Frank, whose dad was Leonard, whose dad was Learned Rich, whose mom was Phoebe Putnam, whose dad was Edward Putnam (b. 1711), whose dad was Edward Putnam (b. 1682), whose dad was Edward Putnam.

Yes, that Edward Putnam, witch investigator and brother and uncle of the witch accusers in Salem.

The Dew is Off the Rose

Andrew Sullivan gets schooled by a reader that we’ve always had our strain of evil ignorance that wallows in itself for the joy of being ignorant.

He apparently took the lesson to heart.

Southern Beale is angry and sanctified.

I invite you to read this whole post. I would like to point out two things. One, Whites Creek Steve is awesome and I got to meet him once!!!! Two, the TVA really thought that sending people on extended leave so they wouldn’t be around to talk to 60 Minutes was a good plan?