Ha, God, I’m Such a Wimp

So, I had two goals today. One, complete a whole day of work. Which I failed at. Because, America, when you sleep for nine hours, go to work, drink two pops, and still fall asleep at your desk, you are too sick to be at work.

The other was to broach with my parents the the wisdom of them retiring to Georgia. You’ll be amused to know that this was accomplished by me just blurting out, “Please retire near a child who will take you to the doctor!” which was met with dead silence.




The Butcher’s method was to drive them around really beautiful places with one-level homes.

I imagine that might work better.

12 thoughts on “Ha, God, I’m Such a Wimp

  1. Sometimes the combination of laying it on the line and the soft-sell is good — the old good cop/bad cop routine. And sometimes you need to say what needs to be said when it comes to parents.

  2. Fortunately my parents are wanting to retire near me on their own accord. Unfortunately, they seem to be measuring the distance to their preferred retirement locations from the new house TheBoyfriend™ and I are purchasing now which is NOT where we expect to be by the time they are ready to retire…

  3. I actually have had this conversation with my father and SQ’s mother. Location is everything when it comes to potential health care issues for them in the future and our ability to care for them, especially if it’s a life-threatening situation. It’s really hard to talk about these things. I understand how tough it is and just wanted you to know, I completely get where you’re coming from.

  4. Right about the time I got married, the in-laws moved from Chattanooga to Brentwood. The wife decided it made her a little nervous, but it was close enough to be mutually supportive and far enough away to keep them from popping by unannounced.

    Turns out we were wrong about the far enough away part. The MIL stops by unannounced regularly. And when I say ‘unannounced’ I mean she doesn’t even knock before she uses her key.

  5. And when I say ‘unannounced’ I mean she doesn’t even knock before she uses her key.

    Wow, that is incredibly rude. Parent or not, you don’t just walk into someone else’s home without their permission.

  6. It doesn’t usually happen while I’m at home so I leave it between her and the wife. But it’s not going to be too much longer before she does it while I’m there enough times for me to forget how hard a good baby sitter is to find.

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