Lefty Frizzell

I heard “If You’ve Got the Money” this morning on the radio and it was like a revelation, one of those moments where you hear a song you’ve heard a million times, but somehow it strikes you just right, so you can hear it again anew.

And there’s something about how his voice hiccups that makes me so happy.

I think Lefty Frizzell may be the country singer most under-rated by me.

4 thoughts on “Lefty Frizzell

  1. Not Lefty Frizzell, but did you hear that it was just made public that Cindy Walker had left the writer’s share of all of her songs to the CM&HoF?

  2. Yes, Lefty Frizzell. Although many other people have recorded it, it is and will always be his song. No one else should even bother trying. Weird coincidence, my iPod was on shuffle this morning and played it too.

  3. nm: Duh. I get it now. You’re saying that your comment wasn’t Lefty related. At first I thought you were saying he didn’t sing “If You’ve Got the Money…” I’m a dumbass. Sorry.

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