In Which I Complain About Things I Can’t Do Anything About

I don’t like wearing my glasses! I don’t like driving in them. I don’t like moving around in them, because I still can’t make my brain do that trick where it stops seeing things as curved. And when I take them off, not only is everything blurry (unsurprisingly) but I’m dizzy in the opposite direction.

At night, I have been just walking around with my eyes shut, to get some relief.

Also, I miss my parents.

Yes, I know.

2 thoughts on “In Which I Complain About Things I Can’t Do Anything About

  1. I was heartbroken when the allergist told me I’d never be able to wear contacts again. The hardest thing for me about my glasses is that border always in your peripheral vision that constrains everything to a small area. Just thinking about it makes me claustrophobic so I’ve gotta stop writing about it now.

    And I missed my parents, too, until my mom made a special point to call me last night after reading my blog and telling me that she really wasn’t upset when she thought I was dead because she just figured that’s the way God wanted it. Sometimes I admire her pragmatism. The rest of the time it scares me.

  2. I think it will take some getting used to before you’re comfortable in your glasses. I’ve worn glasses for almost 10 years now, but every time I get a new pair I hate them and go back to wherever I got them about 20 times begging them to adjust and readjust until they are exactly perfect. And I still hate them, but I force myself to wear them for one month without switching back to an old, broken-in pair.

    I have two pairs that I wear regularly out of the house, and if I wear one pair daily for about a week, it’s hell trying to switch back to the other. Even though I had worn it just fine a week ago.

    Glasses are weird. But you look badass in yours.

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