This Week’s True Blood

The previews do remind me of how much I love seeing Eric smile in the last episode.

Can’t Bill get some better hair?

But I am glad to finally see Bill be a little bad ass.  Good lord.

I suspect Eric is total…

Ha, he is totally faking it.

I love Eric. Love him.

Except that he’s a crazed stalker. That part sucks.

And can’t she just drink more of Bill’s blood to overcome it?

I am worried about Hoyt and Jessica. It seems way too good to last. I hope she doesn’t die. Or he doesn’t die. Or something.

I’m kind of touched by MaryAnne’s tears over wanting to unite with her god. I mean, yes, she’s batshit crazy, but still, I like a woman who is committed.

Keeping someone alive in your heart is got to be the stupidest line ever. I know everyone says it, but I hate it.

And I hope Jason has underwear on.

“I don’t mean to be peculiar at you.”  Ha, I am enjoying the writing so much more this season.

Dang, that red-headed waitress is looking cute today.

Hoyt’s mom is like a crazy Paula Deen.

Holy Jesus, Eric… naked.  Oh holy god.

In a fair world, that scene would not have focused so much on Sookie.

Can Sam become a fly?  My fingers are crossed.  Turn Sam, turn.

Shoot, we’re only halfway through? A lot has happened this episode.

Wow. That’s all the shaking it takes? It takes more shaking than that to get most folks off, I must say.

Is Hoyt’s mom having a heart attack?  I guess not. But she was rubbing her chest in a way that made me suspicious.

I’m a bad person, but I kind of love seeing Tara’s mom get what’s coming to her.

Well, I don’t want to see her beat up, but…

Sam is going to Andy?  I love that Andy’s like “Well, naked dude, that’s not as weird as some stuff.”

Okay, before Godric goes all suicidal, could he and Erik make out naked, once?

Damn it, this has me all teary.

Okay, this monotheistic crap is annoying, though.  Sincerely. He’s older than Jesus and he’s become monotheistic over the course of his agnosticism?  I just don’t buy it.

Damn. That made me cry.

I can’t believe this shitty show can make me cry.  But it has.

Last Week’s True Blood

I already miss Godric’s sexy dreds. The not-so-sexy George Clooney is not doing it for me.

The Judas line made me laugh out loud.

I think crazy Mrs. Reverend thought Jason was a little hot, there.

Eric remains my favorite character. “Don’t use words I don’t understand.”

I don’t think that Bill taking a television to his maker can go go very well.

Tarot cards?!  Hurray.

Justice is the last card.   I don’t think that can go well.  I don’t think, by the way Lafayette is still holding the card, that he’s comforted either.

I really like bad-ass Jason.

And why isn’t Sam in his house?

I know they’re not going to kill Sam, but I am still freaked right the fuck out.

And could he please hold that gun like he’s about to use it rather than just letting it dangle at his side?!

Don’t touch her, you idiot! Don’t get your fingerprints on her!

No, he’s not really going to try to dispose of the body, is he?  Has Sam Merlotte been struck with the stupid-stick usually reserved for the Stackhouses?

Oh god, promise me this very day that, if you ever feed me a heart, you will devein it first, please.

“I’m actually older than your Jesus.” The writing has so improved on this show.

Is the preacher really going to be so easily defeated?

I’m glad for the shout-out to Renee.

I’m so ready for Andy to be believed, so ready.

Oh god, who is going to eat something that bleeds like that? Clearly, it is time for the Stackhouses to come home and regain their crown as the stupidest people in town, just to save these folks from themselves.

Okay, on the one hand, I feel bad for Jessica. On the other hand, how many women get to be 18 and still have a hymen? She never rode a bike or a horse or fell wrong or did the splits? I’m just not buying it.

I don’t think you can technically sodomize a pine tree.  But that’s just me.

I wish Bill were a little evil, still. Stick in the mud Bill is just not that much fun.

Godric needs some vampire anti-depressants, doesn’t he?

Sookie, be suspicious!  Be suspicious!  Or run away!

Okay, I don’t trust Bill.  I’m just going to say it. Something funky and unseemly is going on with him. Mark my words.

I knew Steve Newlin could not be done away with that easily!  But I wish I’d timed that better so I had less time between this episode and the next.

Help, Dear Readers

I’m sorry to do this to you, because I know the song will get stuck in your head, but I need you to view the first five seconds of this commercial:

Why is the second guy putting on his clothes as the commercial starts?!  Every time I see this commercial, all I can think about is why that guy is putting on his pants.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather him have pants on before singing on my TV, but I’m confused about why he couldn’t have them completely on before he got to work.

Fresh Garden Risotto with Shrimp

Holy shit. I just made a risotto so delicious that I had to call the Butcher home to eat some so that I would not eat it all. Here’s what it had in it–okra from the garden, a pepper from the garden (very mildy hot, very very mildly hot, yum), cherry tomatoes from the garden, basil from the garden, corn from the cupboard, and some fake shrimp scampi from Kroger.  And rice, obviously.

It is so creamy and delicious. I would eat more but I’m stuffed.

Okay, I would eat more, but I wisely called the Butcher in for lunch so that I would not eat it all.

I’m never sure if I’m actually making risotto right. I just throw in the rice, add water, stir until it’s absorbed, add more water, and repeat until the rice is no longer crunchy and everything is kind of nestled in delicious creaminess.

And yet, it always goes well, and I have this impression that risotto is difficult to make and requires special rice.

So, I don’t know. I may just be making soggy rice.

But it’s yummy.

Isn’t There a Difference Between Public Service and a Job?

I don’t know if I’m getting soft in my old age or what, but I think I would normally be outraged by this story of our legislators taking huge per diems and then pretending that they deserve to be paid for their hard work, as if they are not already paid. But today I find it hilarious.


It’s not a secret what state legislators make.

Might we need to have a state-wide discussion about whether it’s fair to only pay legislators $20,000 a year for a “part-time” job which makes it very difficult for them to keep another part or full-time job?


But just because we might need to have that discussion is no excuse for milking the system to get as much more out of it as you can. You know what the job pays. If you don’t like it or can’t make it work, don’t run for office.

Don’t get to the Hill and then decide that it’s not enough and that we taxpayers “owe” you more, because you work so hard.  A lot of folks work really hard at shit jobs and when they exploit the rules to make money above and beyond what they’re paid, they’re fired.  No one sympathizes.

The fact that the state legislature has made their motto this session “Do as I say, not as I do” on so many things–“You behave in a way my church says is moral, while I fuck this intern.”; “You guys take guns wherever you want, except legislative plaza.”; “We can’t just be giving money to these lazy asses who don’t aspire to have any job better than one that pays $20,000 a year, um, except me. I need you to throw money at me.”–is alarming and hilarious.

If these ideas they have are so great, why don’t they adopt them and try them out before forcing them on the rest of us?

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

I think because even they know their ideas mostly suck and they don’t want to have to suffer like they’ve convinced themselves we deserve to.

Which I guess makes another unofficial motto of theirs, “We’re too good for our jobs and deserve better, unlike you jackasses.

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