10 thoughts on “glasses1

  1. For some reason (possibly because it’s the truth) this picture makes me look like I have the most misshapen head ever.

    Here are the glasses.

  2. When I was a kid, if you had an astigmatism, then you just weren’t allowed to wear contacts. (True story, I’m also far-sighted in one eye and near-sighted in the other.)
    I got used to wearing glasses. About ten years ago, my eye doc asked me if I wanted a free pair of disposables because things had changed. I said sure.
    When he put them in my eye, I thought that crickets or something had taken up residence. Thus, the eye-glass wearing Newscoma remains. ;)

    I think you look good in them. I understand though that they are bugging the crap out of you. It’s what we get used to, I guess.

  3. Ever think about wearing Bettie Page bangs? You’ve got a strong and interesting face; you might like to frame it.

  4. Oy, Love them thar glasses ;)

    No, really, I do. Especially as I suspect you quirk an eyebrow as you smile, which -when combined with your awesome glasses- makes EPICSAUCE.

    Or something. I’m not happy with my current frames unfortunately, I may have to actually spend money and get more. **sigh**

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