3 thoughts on “glasses11

  1. I took this picture to prove that it was indeed an iris. But this is one of the irises saraclark brought me from the Hermitage. I didn’t expect to see them bloom this year, but this one did and look at it!

  2. Oh wait, now that I see it that’s not one of The Hermitage lillies. That is known as a Candy Lilly (pardancanda norisii) sp? it is a cousin to a common Blackberry lilly. Each flower will last only 1 day and then twist round itself and die. Next will come some swelled seed pods, leave them on and they will burst open to look like big blackberries. Plant the seeds once they dry out and die down and you will get lots more.

    They look like exotic orchids to me every time. I love the colors on that one.

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