4 thoughts on “glasses6

  1. You can see one of the stalks here in front of my awesome sage. How is that the exact same kind of plant as the one with the short light colored blossoms? I don’t believe it.

  2. Good that you have a lot of room around that sage. I planted mine about four years ago and it is now overwhelming the bed.

    Looks like you have two different varieties. The dark purple one is (I am guessing) purple sage and the lighter colored one is herb sage. I am growing a third variety of sage — Russian — that’s inedible, but grows without any care, smells great, and attracts a lot of bees for everything else in the garden.

  3. Supposedly, that’s tri-color sage (you can see the white on the edge), but supposedly, those are the exact same types of lavendar and I refuse to believe that.

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