This Week’s True Blood

The previews do remind me of how much I love seeing Eric smile in the last episode.

Can’t Bill get some better hair?

But I am glad to finally see Bill be a little bad ass.  Good lord.

I suspect Eric is total…

Ha, he is totally faking it.

I love Eric. Love him.

Except that he’s a crazed stalker. That part sucks.

And can’t she just drink more of Bill’s blood to overcome it?

I am worried about Hoyt and Jessica. It seems way too good to last. I hope she doesn’t die. Or he doesn’t die. Or something.

I’m kind of touched by MaryAnne’s tears over wanting to unite with her god. I mean, yes, she’s batshit crazy, but still, I like a woman who is committed.

Keeping someone alive in your heart is got to be the stupidest line ever. I know everyone says it, but I hate it.

And I hope Jason has underwear on.

“I don’t mean to be peculiar at you.”  Ha, I am enjoying the writing so much more this season.

Dang, that red-headed waitress is looking cute today.

Hoyt’s mom is like a crazy Paula Deen.

Holy Jesus, Eric… naked.  Oh holy god.

In a fair world, that scene would not have focused so much on Sookie.

Can Sam become a fly?  My fingers are crossed.  Turn Sam, turn.

Shoot, we’re only halfway through? A lot has happened this episode.

Wow. That’s all the shaking it takes? It takes more shaking than that to get most folks off, I must say.

Is Hoyt’s mom having a heart attack?  I guess not. But she was rubbing her chest in a way that made me suspicious.

I’m a bad person, but I kind of love seeing Tara’s mom get what’s coming to her.

Well, I don’t want to see her beat up, but…

Sam is going to Andy?  I love that Andy’s like “Well, naked dude, that’s not as weird as some stuff.”

Okay, before Godric goes all suicidal, could he and Erik make out naked, once?

Damn it, this has me all teary.

Okay, this monotheistic crap is annoying, though.  Sincerely. He’s older than Jesus and he’s become monotheistic over the course of his agnosticism?  I just don’t buy it.

Damn. That made me cry.

I can’t believe this shitty show can make me cry.  But it has.

10 thoughts on “This Week’s True Blood

  1. Holy Shit. Finally saw it this morning and, Whoa. (Naked Eric, Crying Eric and Lafeyette, who is Billy Bad Ass in fake eyelashes.)

    Guilty pleasure. Guilty as charged for loving this silly show.

  2. Mmmm. Eric.

    The hubby rightly called me out on my love for Eric, then chided me because “he looks like Eurotrash.” I say he’s got all the best lines.

    Where do you think they’re going with this Maryanne thing?

  3. Also, I’m really unclear why Maryanne is so obsessed with Sam, and the explanations they’ve given so far on the show have fallen flat. Think there’s something bigger going on there or is her obsession just a plot driver?

  4. Yeah, just drink Bill’s blood! Good grief, that’s a no-brainer. Sookie and the bell boy obviously are some other kind of beings, so when do we get to find out what they are besides psychics? All the books are sold out at BAM. And why didn’t she just get a knife or her fingers and pull out the bullets? Sucking them out? OMG! I’m gonna miss Godric, he should have just moved to Bon Temps.
    There’s something bigger there with Sam and Mary Anne. He was able to resist her AND he stole from her. I just wanna see Sookie come home and kick Mary Anne out of her house! And Lafayette – you go girl!

  5. If that’s what Eurotrash looks like, holy shit, bring on the Eurotrash. And he does have all of the best lines. It’s weird because I think that Eric is kind of the stand in for the viewer. He says in scene what your funniest friend is saying on the couch. If he turned to the camera and winked like we were all in on the ridiculousness together, it would not surprise me; I feel like he leans so hard against the 4th wall that I’m not sure how long it can hold.

    And, Lauren, you’ve hit on my biggest pet peeve with this show–sometimes the writing is so bad and sometimes it’s so good, so I can’t tell when something doesn’t ring quite true because it’s not supposed to and when something doesn’t ring quite true because it’s just kind of poorly written.

    So, I don’t know what the deal with Maryanne is.

    Mary Susan, I wondered the same thing. Believe me, if some jerk I hated had metal stuck in him and I felt compelled to help him, I’d just dig it out with my fingers.

    I go back to my biggest problem with last season–they had good actors and okay writing. The actor who plays Tara could have handled it.. So, we know Tara’s family is local. We know Bill’s family is one of the landed families in the area in the 19th century. We know Bill’s father owned slaves. And that, regardless of what he says, Bill probably did, too. Wealthy white men in Louisiana who lived on farms owned slaves. They just did.

    And I wondered what Tara would really think of discovering that her best friend was dating a man who very well could have enslaved her family.

    I can’t even begin to imaging the range of motion a person might feel. Has it really been long enough that it wouldn’t bother you that your best friend took up with him? Do you discover that you somehow don’t mind? Do you really fucking mind, but you can’t admit it to yourself, and so you let MaryAnne move into your best friend’s house and destroy the town?

    But we got nothing. And to me, that still stands out as a real missed opportunity.

  6. I just read the first book last week (and honestly — barely any of it stayed with me — I enjoyed it because I watch the show, but wouldn’t really care otherwise — if that makes sense). And Bill addresses that his family did own slaves. But Tara isn’t even in the first book. Perhaps other folks have read the 2nd and 3rd ones though.

    I don’t find Eric terribly Eurotrashy. But it doesn’t matter because Eric = beautiful. Naked, crying, lying, smirking — especially smirking. I like it all.

    Doesn’t matter if Sookie drinks more Bill blood — Eric is older and more powerful so my understanding is his blood trumps Bill’s. Bill does need better hair. Although they note in the book that his hair stays the way it was when he was made (so he was happy he had just shaved his beard). But if that’s the case, why was Eric’s hair cuttable? because the blood ruined it?

  7. The series doesn’t follow the story of the books. Tara in the books isn’t black and isn’t Sookie’s childhood best friend. LaFayette isn’t Tara’s cousin in the books. And even if you do read the books (and I have read all of them) you can’t really guess which direction they are going with the show. MaryAnne doesn’t exist in the books. There was a Maenad in the series, but she was just in and out and had no involvement with the town.
    And yes, Sookie is “something else besides a psychic” but the books don’t mention anything about Barry being something else. The show also has a bad habit of combining plot lines from several different books, which makes it hard to remember what happened when with whom.
    And, last but not least, if you love Eric on the show– READ the books, because he is about 1000 times more awesome on the page.

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