In Which I Make a Few Corrections

1. The animal whose picture accompanies this story is almost certainly a Lab/Lab mix of some sort, not a pit bull.  The ear seems to be naturally folded down, is quite long, and is very round at the end, not pointed.  Also, note how the front legs and chest are situated.  Rather than a broad, flat chest with widely spaced front legs, this dog’s legs are close together and the chest is very narrow between the legs.

The first two dogs shown in the video also appear not to be pit bulls but just kind of large random terriers (the brown one in the picture and the little one).

I mention this for a couple of reasons. One, pit bull advocates have long said that shelters have a habit of inflating the number of “pit bull” attacks or the number of dangerous, unadoptable “pit bulls” in their shelters in order to assure people that the other dogs in their shelters are unproblematic, easily adoptable animals that will move without problem into your home.  After all, it’s not one of those evil, nasty “pit bulls” or one of those good but damaged beyond repair “pit bulls.”  Every animal that is nasty or a problem becomes a “pit bull” so that the other dog breeds don’t suffer.

Trotting out what appears to be a starved, brutalized Lab/Lab mix and letting the local news call it a pit bull does little to assuage fears.

But here’s the other thing you should be concerned about folks. What if dog fighters in Middle Tennessee are fighting any medium sized dogs they can get their hands on?

Just think about that. And then ask yourself, if you have a dog between 40-75 lbs, how often is it outside unsupervised?

Also, as a side note, if “a lot of those dogs are abandoned very quickly,” then they obviously failed to make good fighters (a fighter wouldn’t be abandoned quickly would it?). So, we’re killing dogs who have proven to be poor fighters and unaggressive because the stereotype is that they’re aggressive fighters? That makes no sense.

2. Kleinheider, Kleinheider, Kleinheider, what the fuck? You really can’t see how a politician fucking an underling or a lobbyist is any of the taxpayers’ business?  You don’t think activities practically guaranteed to open the State up to sexual harrassement issues or corruption problems are any of the taxpayers’ business?  Are you daft?

Seriously, folks, if you’re a politician and you want to run around on your spouse, run around with someone not from work! Seriously, I can’t believe it’s fallen to me to give advice on how to cheat on your spouse without screwing over your constituents.

And Kleinheider, it’s completely disingenuous of you to pretend like the issue is just that those politicians were unfaithful and not who they were unfaithful with.

Also, if you believe that Paul Stanley is actually an “elite,” and somehow “above” petty middle class morality concerns, you really need to say that outloud to yourself a few times so that you can hear what you’re saying.


Christ. Some sanctimonious wife-beating, cheating petty tyrant is not my social better. Nor yours.

Get a fucking grip.

6 thoughts on “In Which I Make a Few Corrections

  1. You know, I can sort of get where he’s coming from if I squint my eyes real hard and say “BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB” with my lips, but wow.

    I get the whole “if you’re going to do it, don’t rub it in our faces” angle, but that’s not where ACK went with this. He actually wants the House and Senate leadership to teach the legislature how to avoid getting caught cheating on their spouses.

    How would you like to be in that classroom? Can you imagine Jason Mumpower standing in front of a blackboard explaining to Stacy Campfield why hang-up calls from the mistress are a bad idea?

  2. I would pay good money to see that, I must say, because I’m pretty sure Mumpower and Campfield are behaving themselves. Of course, that would explain why they would have time to put on and attend such a meeting.


  3. I think we should push for this. I was kind of laughing at Kleinheider for suggesting it, but now I think it should happen, just for the LOLs, as the kids say.

  4. Ya know, the NFL and the NBA have seminars for rookies explaining to them how not to get caught by scheming women who will take all their money. And I’m sure that our state legislators would like to be able to compare themselves to professional athletes in this way if in no other.

  5. Ya know, the NFL and the NBA have seminars for rookies explaining to them how not to get caught by scheming women who will take all their money.

    Geez, Rick Pitino could have used some of that info up here.

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