You’re Welcome, Nashville Gardeners

I am going to meet Jo from The Modernity Ward this afternoon and I am bringing her a zucchini. I told her that it was traditional for Nashvillians to give each other vegetables as a way of welcoming each other to our homes and our neighborhoods.

Now, you non-gardeners, I know, are saying “Oh, that’s so nice.”

But we gardeners are all rubbing our beards, or where our beards would be, going all “This is a diabolically genius plan! Who can I dump a bunch of vegetables on right now!”

Because now, who can say “Oh, no, I don’t need a ten pound zucchini!” once she’s been told it’s a local tradition?!

Edited to Add: Ha, well, apparently I didn’t hit “publish” but the update is that I did give her a giant zucchini and she was wonderful and her daughters are just as cute as bugs and we made popsicles and talked and the baby waved at me!

Welcome to Nashville, Jo!

5 thoughts on “You’re Welcome, Nashville Gardeners

  1. Ah, just two weeks ago I was foisting monster zucchini on strangers in the laundromat. *snif*

    It was lovely to meet you, and I forgot to say I’m glad you’re on the mend. I meant to instruct you to “get well soon!” but now it’s too late. Oh, heck. I’m just going to climb into my hollowed-out zucchini and go to sleep.

  2. Hey, I am happy to have vegetables dumped on me by whoever has them. I will even come retrieve them from anybody suffering under the weight of too many vegetables. :)

  3. Hmmm… there’s a preseason Preds game against the Canes on Sept. 26… think there might be any zucchini or other root veggies still around by then…? Because if I could get hockey *and* fresh garden veggies… the 6-hour drive might be worth it.

  4. You folks make me feel so greedy for freezing my extras. Well, not zucchini. But I make zucchini bread and freeze that.

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