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Work on the fake ghost stories continues.  I was kind of running up against the problem of not yet having a good country music related ghost story and also only having one ghost story from East Nashville.  So, I decided to write a ghost story about Jim Reeves, whose house was torn down to make way for… um… a big patch of green grass in front of the Home Depot on Gallatin, there at Briley Parkway.  This house was one of the oldest, if not the oldest, structure in Nashville and there was a huge, embarrassing controversy when it was torn down, with people trying to claim that the permit to tear it down was issued in error.  I got all caught up in the real story, in other words.

But it got me thinking about how rich our city’s history is and how we have these whole rich landscapes all around us that most of us don’t know anything about.

It’s like the past is one of those neighborhoods in Nashville that you’re not explicitly told to stay out of, but the silence around it tells you it’s best not to go there, or to only go there if you have a proper guide who can keep you on the right track.

But Nashvillians past are our neighbors, too.

And I think the past is just another Nashville neighborhood, one located in time, though, not in a physical space.

So, hell yes, if you live here, you should occasionally hang out in the past.  Go drive around it.  Check out the music (it’s great fun).  Eat some food.  Come to learn the people.

Don’t worry about not completely understanding it. You don’t go into a new neighborhood and expect to immediately know the geography or who the people to talk to are.

Same thing here.

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  1. Have you seen the Nashville Retrospect (free monthly all about Nashville history)? I think you, of all people, would really enjoy it.

    I read the August issue at the Y this morning, and have been thinking since about one of the cover stories–who knew the editors of the city’s two papers once had a gunfight in the streets over presidential politics?

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