Someone Can ‘Fess Up Now, Right?

So, I’m reading about Glendale Park and the carousel that was there called The Flying Jenny. And, honestly, is that not the greatest name for a carousel ever?


The horses from the merry-go-round showed up as an Easter display at Harvey’s Department Store in downtown Nashville in 1942. Later they became a permanent part of the store decor, disappearing again when Harvey’s closed. It should be noted that while Harvey’s had a full-size carousel in its Monkey Bar restaurant it was not the Flying Jenny from Glendale Park.

Wouldn’t you love to know where those horses ended up?  Had to be to someone’s (or someones’) basement(s), right?

I’d love to know if any of them survive.

5 thoughts on “Someone Can ‘Fess Up Now, Right?

  1. I think Lisa’s folks have one that her sister gave them years ago. We think it was collateral from an old drug deal. It got air-brushed like a Panama City license plate somewhere along the way.

  2. Lisa’s sister is no longer with us unfortunately, so all stories should be considered apocryphal. But I’ve seen it with my own eyes many times. A field trip is in order.

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