Thunder on Thursday

I wish I had a window in my office! The thunder is so loud I can hear it right through the wall almost like I’m standing outside.  Loud and low-down.

It’s been very rainy this summer.  We were just talking about how weird it is to have to mow your lawn in August. Well, not “we.” But I nodded along like I had any great experience with whether lawn mowing in August is usually necessary for Nashville home owners.

Not only is this my first August as a homeowner, the Butcher mows the lawn.

I took a picture for you this morning, which, obviously, you’ll have to wait until Sunday to see, but finally things are kind of working with the bottle tree. It’s taken all summer, but the morning glories are wrapping all the way up the pole and curling along some of the bottles. It’s not quite the organic pile I had imagined but finally this morning there were dark, blue violet flowers among the bottles.

Also, I think I’ll plant Mexican Sunflowers again because they do seem to be the one plant that bloomed this year that does attract the one butterfly in my yard. But that butterfly is a Monarch, so I kind of feel like, well, if you’re only going to have one butterfly, it might as well be that one.

I’m With Michael Craddock

I really don’t blame McNeely, Piggott & Fox for making money where and how they can.  That is certainly how Public Relations firms make their money.

But people are losing their jobs and the Airport is paying $30,000 a month for PR? Paying people to set up Twitter accounts and to watch the news and to make goofy Christmas card videos to email folks?

I don’t blame MP&F for thinking like a private business.  They are a private business.

I blame the city for conducting itself like a private business.

Is there seriously no one in the city bureaucracy whose job it is to look at spending and say “What would the parent of the kid in our shittiest school think if she knew we were going to spend money on this instead of on her kid’s school? Could I justify this spending to her and not have to drink myself into a stuper in order to be able to sleep?”