Thunder on Thursday

I wish I had a window in my office! The thunder is so loud I can hear it right through the wall almost like I’m standing outside.  Loud and low-down.

It’s been very rainy this summer.  We were just talking about how weird it is to have to mow your lawn in August. Well, not “we.” But I nodded along like I had any great experience with whether lawn mowing in August is usually necessary for Nashville home owners.

Not only is this my first August as a homeowner, the Butcher mows the lawn.

I took a picture for you this morning, which, obviously, you’ll have to wait until Sunday to see, but finally things are kind of working with the bottle tree. It’s taken all summer, but the morning glories are wrapping all the way up the pole and curling along some of the bottles. It’s not quite the organic pile I had imagined but finally this morning there were dark, blue violet flowers among the bottles.

Also, I think I’ll plant Mexican Sunflowers again because they do seem to be the one plant that bloomed this year that does attract the one butterfly in my yard. But that butterfly is a Monarch, so I kind of feel like, well, if you’re only going to have one butterfly, it might as well be that one.

10 thoughts on “Thunder on Thursday

  1. Do you have a butterfly bush? I’ve seen ours attract all kinds of butterflies. Including monarchs. Hummingbirds like them too.

    They grow fast and aren’t very demanding.

  2. I love thunderstorms. Usually end up watching them from my covered deck. It will be the end of me one of these days.

  3. Thunderstorms are very interesting when you’re 20 floors up and an entire window of your cubicle is glass window. Worries me sometimes.

  4. The monarch caterpillars are busy destroying my bronze fennel right now like they do every year and I just let them have it. I figure it’s a nice trade off for the butterflies.

    You should definitely plant some, It’s reseeding itself everywhere but they are very picky about transplanting.

  5. Plant salvia in a reasonably sunny spot and watch the butterflies come aflock. What’s truly exciting to me is that different colors attract different shades of butterflies. So I’ve got pure white ones on the white salvia… orange and yellow butterflies on the marigolds… purplish-gray butterflies on my blue roses and phlox…

    The butterflies will totally dance around on any kind of flowers, PROVIDED there are some of the tiny-flowering varieties to attract them in the first place — like salvia, butterfly bush, phlox, etc.

  6. I showed Andy Cordan your Tiny Cat Pants thong at CafePress to show him how he can have merchandise of any sort with no overhead for his crazy blogspot blog. He loved it and asked me to send him a link to “that what, what was it? Sh**ty cat drawers?”


  7. Oh dear lord, please warn him against shitting his thong. That’s going straight down your leg, if you don’t have full ass coverage.

  8. This storm has been beautiful. The one great thing about being ill during the rain is that I get to watch it.

    As far as butterfly-drawing plants, I second cata…..’s observation about tiny-flowering plants.

    The bonus of putting some of those in hanging baskets=hummingbirds.

  9. No, no, no. He wanted the link to your blog. Not your thong sale on CafePress. He was all like “What was that? That blog? Shi**ty cat drawers?” I told him it was Tiny Cat Pants and he said that was funny. I said, “is there anything funnier?” He said, “yeah, a shitt* cat thong.” This is devolving outside my Southern bounds of deceny, so I will now go to a commercial break.

  10. Somehow I really like that the monarchs, who migrate to Mexico, have taken up with your mexican sunflowers.

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