City Officials Should Be Paraded through the Streets and Pelted with Eggs

So, if I’m reading Nate Rau’s story right, not only are we spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a project (the convention center) that hasn’t even been given a green-light from the City Council yet, we were primed to spend $1,362,500 over what we’d initially budgeted to spend on the project which has yet to even be approved and would have, had the media not caught wind.

Over a million dollars, in this economy, on a project the city council has yet to approve.

People, when I think of that in terms of how many computers for how many classrooms, how many more police officers on our streets, how many more firefighters, new park equipment…

For a million dollars, could we have had Mondays at the downtown library back?

Bigamy Story Warms My Heart

So, usually, when a guy is cheating on his wife with another woman, no matter how clueless the other woman, blame gets heaped on her.  But check out this story about a Murfreesboro cop with two wives who was on his way to a third:

There was a message exchange on Facebook between the bride-to-be and the two wives.

“I’m stuck in Vegas with a wedding dress – turns out the groom has two wives already,” said bride-to-be.

“I’m glad we saved you, I’m so sorry,” said wife number one.

“Okay, I got to control my temper. I’m glad I was saved. Thank you,” said bride-to-be.

“We don’t want to tread on your feelings,” said wife number two.

“I’m not part of this anymore. His stuff is being taken out of my apartment as I type. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you both,” said bride-to-be.

See that?  The two wives banded together to save the third from this asshole!

It just warms my heart.

I Break News Just Because I Can

Trace Sharp has gone to work for Mike McWherter’s campaign.

I have all kinds of teasing things to say, like “Sharp can bring the much-coveted Bigfoot vote,” but that can wait. The important thing is that one of the things that Sharp brings to the table is that she’s a well-known Tennessee blogger.  How many of our big-name bloggers have been brought on campaigns before?

How many of us women bloggers?

So, it’s interesting.  I’m not sure what it indicates, but I’m keeping my eye on it.

(Expect to see an official announcement from the McWherter camp soon.)