Bigamy Story Warms My Heart

So, usually, when a guy is cheating on his wife with another woman, no matter how clueless the other woman, blame gets heaped on her.  But check out this story about a Murfreesboro cop with two wives who was on his way to a third:

There was a message exchange on Facebook between the bride-to-be and the two wives.

“I’m stuck in Vegas with a wedding dress – turns out the groom has two wives already,” said bride-to-be.

“I’m glad we saved you, I’m so sorry,” said wife number one.

“Okay, I got to control my temper. I’m glad I was saved. Thank you,” said bride-to-be.

“We don’t want to tread on your feelings,” said wife number two.

“I’m not part of this anymore. His stuff is being taken out of my apartment as I type. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you both,” said bride-to-be.

See that?  The two wives banded together to save the third from this asshole!

It just warms my heart.

8 thoughts on “Bigamy Story Warms My Heart

  1. It turns out that there are women and men who will willingly and happily enter into multi-partner unions. Lying your way into one is not just lowdown and dirty, it’s also passe’. Grow up, America!

  2. That was my first thought, too, but then I factor in the notion that he’s a police officer and I suspect that, no, he’s probably just a guy who likes having power over others. He can break the law, but your must stick to it. He can know about his two, almost three, wives, but you cannot, etc.

    There’s no way a guy like that is going for the kind of open, constant communication you need to make a polyamorous relationship work, because that’s not really what he’s in it for.

  3. I mean, not to dwell on this, but can you imagine that he was willing to put three women (and about a fourth) through him being in constant danger (as a service member and as a cop) and having a lifestyle that involves him needing to not be reachable?

    I mean, if you love someone and you have a job where you might die, deliberately being unreachable is exceedingly cruel.

  4. Yeah, but “needing not to be reachable for the job” is the perfect Bunbury if I ever heard of one. Though he does seem to be honoring the memory of Timothy Demonbreun, so there’s that.

  5. bridgett, if you weren’t new to the study of history, you’d know there’s no such thing as the Demonbreun mafia.

    Sorry, I read those comments over at Pith and I couldn’t resist…..

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