I Break News Just Because I Can

Trace Sharp has gone to work for Mike McWherter’s campaign.

I have all kinds of teasing things to say, like “Sharp can bring the much-coveted Bigfoot vote,” but that can wait. The important thing is that one of the things that Sharp brings to the table is that she’s a well-known Tennessee blogger.  How many of our big-name bloggers have been brought on campaigns before?

How many of us women bloggers?

So, it’s interesting.  I’m not sure what it indicates, but I’m keeping my eye on it.

(Expect to see an official announcement from the McWherter camp soon.)

16 thoughts on “I Break News Just Because I Can

  1. Ha, I would have thought anyone could have figured it out, but I kept looking around to see which one of the big guys was going to say something and none of them did, so I was like “Hey, I have a place to put words.”

    I confirmed it and I put it here.

    That’s a cool thing, too.

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  3. Hot diggety dawg in all corners. This, as our beloved ‘coma would say, is of the good.

    Very much so.

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  5. I’ve worked on two campaigns and also run one since I started blogging. Don’t know how much of a big name I am, but blogging definitely opened the door for me.

  6. I should probably post this on Coma’s page,but I do hope she will she this eventually…

    I will refrain from joking about how Pat Buchanan started his career at the J-School at Columbia in NYC before he turned to political speech writing and became the asshole we all know and despise today.

    But I will mention it just for fun!

    I do hope that you will continue to write the gritty stuff that draws me to your page and makes me wonder how you do it each day so consistently.

    There are very few reporters I respect, especially lately as I watch the quality of the Nashville Press sink to all time low that disgust and infuriated me each and every day.

    On that bright note, I trust you will stay true to yourself and resist the urge to sell out like so many other media whores I secretly laugh at (knowing full well they are laughing at me too….)

    I wish everyone would just get over themselves and spend ore time on quality than crap. You are lucky to be leaving this vicious business and no longer need to worry about being “the” one to break “the” story,

    Twidiots so eager to get their 15 seconds that they don’t even bother to check their facts, their spelling and grammar.

    So I will continue to watch them run bullshit stories while so many other tragic and newsworthy issues events are ignored as we fall deeper and deeper in to a city without a soul and without a watchdog. I still write, knowing I that my experience over the last year has made changed my life and my soul forever.

    Hopefully, I too will get to leave Nashville. Maybe some of the se fuckers will pay me to shut the fuckup already and leave town. So I break a few stories too, also, because I can!

    Having said that, you are one of the few I actually respect… so good luck, and please continue the gritty stuff that makes me know I’m not completely alone in quest to reach people with my words and my need to try write right before I eventually give up on society to scream into a paper cup in the forest.

    Good luck. Make us proud, and go kick some fucking ass!

    And remember this, in reading your words, even though they were never written for me, still made there way into my world of silence. I hope hat someday, I can do the same (and get a paycheck too!!!) .

    No go kick some ass.

    All my best,

    Elyssa Durant
    CyberSquatter At Large
    Nashville, Tennessee

  7. Not sure McWherter deserves her. She should be running for gov and he should be at home.

    But I love the gal and she will do well. That I guarantee.

    Geeze, I hope Mabel isn’t upset. She is the front runner after all.

  8. The good thing about having four legs is that it really doesn’t matter which human you race against, you’re probably the front runner.

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