An All New Episode of True Blood

Whew, I am not looking forward to watching the “Previously”s.

My friend Tom is writing for “Treme” so please watch it, even if you’ve never seen “The Wire.”

Oh, god, half naked, depressed Eric is doing me in.

And Sookie, too, apparently.  Is this a dream?  Has she lost her damn mind?  Who can blame her?

Whew, that was hot.

Man, I hate when you come back from vacation and all your friends and townspeople have turned to weird zombies.

I think, even if I didn’t like Eric, I would succumb happily to vivid sex dreams about him.

So, this has kind of turned into the meat Wicker Man?

Poor Sam, trying to explain to Andy all this craziness.

Paula Deen just tried to kiss Jason!

I love Jason with his military music!  Ha ha ha.

I swear, the stupid in this town is contagious.  Sam really want to Merlotte’s?

I love that Andy brings the liquor into the freezer.

It’s funny that Tara does really now have a demon.

“Jesus and I agreed to see other people. That don’t mean we don’t talk from time to time.”  True enough line ever.

It’s so unfortunate when you come home to find a meat wicker man in your front yard.

Sookie has magic hands?!


Aw, Andy, I kind of love you.

Oh, Jason, I’m glad to see all that paramilitary training you got (and the hours spent watching Evil Dead, too, I presume) were not for naught (for fun you can say that five times fast).

I’m licking mustard off no body.

No, Sam, you dumb ass.  Why are you giving yourself over to the Meat Wicker Man?!

Do your hand thing!  Do your hand thing!

I still don’t like Tara’s mom.

And the whole Sam storyline is reminding me a little too much of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

Oh, god, I love Jason Stackhouse.

This may be the single best episode ever.  Jason as the horned god is hilarious.

But I still think the actor who plays Tara is too good for this show.

And how convenient that Bill spent so long reading just the right book about just the right creatures.

I like that Bill kind of knows how full of shit any promise from Sookie is.

No fucking way!  Forty five minutes?!

We have been robbed.