Do You Live in Hannibal, Missouri?

Can you prove it?  If so, I’d like to interview you.

I don’t want any fuckers from New London or Palmyra or, god forbid, Quincy.  I mean an honest to god person from Hannibal, not just someone who works there to make the place look inhabited.

That’s right, Hannibal.

I’m on to your little game.

10 thoughts on “Do You Live in Hannibal, Missouri?

  1. Hey there, you ridge-runnin’ Tennessee dimwit! As everyone knows, I, Sherman T. Potter, U.S. Army, am from Hannibal, Missouri.


  2. Yes, but having yet another fictional character, who’s probably dead now does nothing to reassure me that anyone is living in the town right now.

  3. I’ve been there, and it looked pretty inhabited to me. I admit, though, that I didn’t hang out unobtrusively to see whether everybody left after they thought everyone had left.

  4. And that’s exactly what’s at issue. Does anyone actually live there or are they all trucked in to make it look inhabited for tourists?

  5. I mean, I’ve lived in the midwest my whole life and I have NEVER met anyone who actually lived in Hannibal. So, I’m starting to believe that they don’t exist.

  6. Well, I know people who live in Festus and New Athens. And what I say is, if people can live there they can live in Hannibal, too.

  7. OK, I got a name of someone in (god forbid) Quincy. I am going to ask this person if they know anyone currently in Hannibal.

    Might be a vain hope, however.

    You might try the Hannibal CVB, but I think they’re probably hip to the conspiracy…

  8. The Dog Whisperer used to live in Hannibal. I think. I know she worked there. Guess she could have lived nearby. But no, that’s where she lived right out of law school.

  9. I’ve lived in Canton and worked in LaGrange (post-college), but can honestly say the only thing I went to Hannibal for was the cheap birth control at the health clinic. Oh, yeah – there was a headshop/bookstore in town that was pretty cool, but it’s probably long-gone by now.
    One of my friends lived there, and her family is still there. Does that count?

  10. Her family lives within the city limits right now?

    Hmm. Okay, I guess it does count. Unless they are willing to tell us that they’re the only people who actually live in town…

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