I have not seen the Twilight movies, but I have read enough feminist critiques of them to know that the stalker-vampire sparkles and that this is one reason for his stupidity–sparkles.

So, I know admitting that one finds sparkles fascinating is fraught with peril.  I have not seen a sparkly vampire, but damn it, I have seen a sparkly lawn and I love it.

I think part of it must be that we’ve been basically in drought conditions every summer for about as long as I can remember.  This may be the first summer I’ve spent in Tennessee where the rains were not all on account of Gulf hurricanes.  So, when I was standing on my porch last night and I saw tiny red sparkles, my first thought was, “damn it, my lawn is on fire.”  But no!  It’s just the way the porch light hits the wet on the grass.

And why was the grass even wet?  Who knows?  I guess that’s something grass gets here at night when there’s not a drought.

I, of course, imagined the sparkles as tiny signal fires.


Because I am weird.

But I guess you knew that.

6 thoughts on “Sparkles

  1. I was about to write that the sparkliness of the vampires is sort of beside the point; it’s the scary, controlling portrait of love that bothers me. But that’s not completely true. I read that the sparkliness was the definitive vision for the author: to oversimplify, she dreamed a sparkly vampire, and she wrote the book the explain the vision. I find the books themselves repulsive but the vision, I think, is kind of attractive… I like to think of people are sparkly, on the inside though.
    Anyway, it’s okay to love your lawn because it’s beautiful. : D

  2. I read the books over the summer, haven’t seen the movies. I admit it, I liked the books through the third one–I wasn’t thinking about it from a feminist viewpoint but simply as light fluffy summer reading that didn’t involve big long scary legal words that I would be quizzed on in class the next day. But the fourth book ruined the whole thing for me–what had started out as a suspenseful story ended in a big pile of sap and goo. The sparkles aren’t even half of it.

  3. I also love sparkles, though NOT in any way related to vampires.

    The Twilight books are not worth the time IMO, even if you got the books for free and read them very quickly like I did. Asinine plots (and I can love me some asinine plots under the right circumstances), unlikable characters, and just so annoying you want to smack someone into next week.

    And it’s not like I had high expectations going in — if you’re going to sit down with a bag of Cheetos, you don’t expect a perfectly ripe & pungent French brie. But neither do you expect earwax-flavored jellybeans, if you catch my drift.

  4. I love sparkles. I love wearing my sparkly makeup even though my husband says it makes me look like a stripper.

    The less said about Twilight and its twisted take on love and beauty and need the better.

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