9 thoughts on “Ahem

  1. Holy moly, what a long survey. Can’t say there’s nothing to do in Nashville — hell, filling out the “best of” list takes an hour…

  2. It’s taken me forever to fill out this ballot. I’ll have to come back to it later. But you will get my vote for ‘best liberal’ if I ever get there.

  3. I voted for you in a few categories… Best Local Blog and Best Liberal. I think there was one more, but I can’t remember. It might have been Best Dentist. O.o

  4. I also voted for you as best adult video store and best mexican restaurant, I think. What can I say? I needed to put down twenty-five responses for my votes to count.

  5. I hope with my whole heart to win “Best Mexican Restaurant,” if only so that, when slimy boyfriends try to meet with slimy politicians behind me, I can turn around and be all “It’s you!” and break the story.

    Jeff Woods would envy me for sure, then.

  6. But, B, you didn’t tell everyone to vote for Barry Mazor for “Best Local Author” or “Best Fish Tacos.”

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