Oh, South, What Have You Done to Me?

So, I’m coming up Clarksville Pike (terrific job on the resurfacing, by the way, Nashville) and there’s an accident blocking both north-bound lanes.  A police officer moves into the south bound lanes and starts waving people through.

Did I wait to get into the southbound lane until the last possible minute so as to be in my lane should the police officer decide to let people come south?

No I did not.

So he had to move everyone around me.

It was pretty embarrassing.


And here is where all of my midwestern ancestors begin rolling in their graves because we certainly do not interact with people we don’t know, if we can help it.

…I rolled down my window and apologized to the police officer!

He said, “Oh.  It’s fine.”

11 thoughts on “Oh, South, What Have You Done to Me?

  1. And remember…if you are forced to talk to strangers it must be done in a manner that implies they are completely bizarre for being so forward as to speak to you, someone they have not met.

  2. Heck, I just went on vacation to LA–Lower Alabama–and the Forgotten Coast of Florida to finish my novel. I stopped in Magnolia Springs, Alabama to get a taco and asked a local guy if he knew of anyone in the area who rented cabins. He turned out to have been a former Volunteer football player and let m stay in his second house for FREE. The local folks welcomed me in like I was family.

    I thought it was crazy, but then when I went to the Forgotten Coast, I stopped at a roadside stand for smoked mullet and another guy offered me a free cabin to stay in. small town southerners can still be quite kind.

  3. Oh, and Aunt B, I’m still in the States. Fullbright was unable to match me with a teacher in Europe to exchange with, so I have to wait another year for that.

  4. So I guess that makes me Southern for thinking “well that’s exactly what you should have done.”

    One more step to being Nashville-polite conversation with strangers. Next you’ll stop and give them directions because they asked and recommendations for dinner because that’s just what we do.

  5. LOL. I’m over it now. Say, would you be interested in being on a panel discussion of a Constitutional issue with Terry Frank at Roane State Oak Ridge campus? If so, it would be on Constitution Day, September 12, in Oak Ridge. Each of you would have 15-20 minutes to speak with questions to follow. Think of the possibilities: Aunt B and Terry Frank on the same panel. I haven’t set the time and will work with you and Terry as to what time works best for you.

    I can offer you money for your driving expenses. You can respond to the email attached to this reply, it’s my work address.

  6. So true. I’ve been in the south almost continuously since 1971 and I think they would revoke my Cleveland Ohio birth certificate if they saw how I now behave. It was a shock to the system when I moved to small town Texas and I couldn’t stop anywhere without a conversation.

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