Intuative Eating

I had a burger for lunch yesterday, from Wendy’s, and I’m sad to say that, if you were anywhere near me, you heard about it, one way or another (sorry to those of you near enough to smell my farts). And I was miserable with it clear through to bedtime.

So, today, when lunch came, I thought to myself, self, what would you like for lunch?

And the answer was “sushi and trail mix.” Which was immediately followed by “do you really want that?”

And it’s that second voice I’d like to take a second to consider. Because that voice comes from years of me reaching for another cookie or more mashed potatoes or the last of the baby spinach or whatever.  It’s supposed to, I’m sure, be a voice that teaches women to “consider a healthy alternative,” but for me, and possibly this comes from being raised by Protestant Midwesterners, it is the voice of extravagance-denying. Because, as you surely noted, it wasn’t just the extra cookie, but it was also the encouragement to make sure the boys didn’t want the spinach (as if!).

So, it was weird to hear it click on when I wanted sushi and trail mix, because you’d think rice and seafood and nuts and raisins would be on the list of ‘not extravagant.’  But it seemed excessive, because I’d have to go two different places and…

I don’t know. There’s not really enough here for a whole post except to say that I wonder how much of this stuff we internalize because it’s “healthy” is actually about denying pleasure?

Anyway, I had sushi and trail mix for lunch. And then I burped, loudly, and it kind of made my day.

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