Political Pundits, Help!

Okay, so I’m reading this fine post by Tom Humphrey about the Lynn/McCall dust-up and I need some help reading the tea leaves here.

1. Isn’t it bullshit that these folks are claiming that they didn’t know Lynn was running? Doesn’t it seem like every time Beavers was like “I quit…” before she could get out “…using that brand of fabric softener” someone would shout out “Lynn will certainly run!”

2. Can people claim, with a straight face, to be more conservative than Lynn? What does that even entail? “I buy my own oxygen and have it pumped into my nose because I believe sharing free air is a communist plot.”?

3.  This is payback, right? Lynn breathed a word about Kent Williams’s asshole behavior, thus causing a big brouhaha, and this is what she gets–though she’s been a loyal Republican hack, the Republicans are going to punish her and punish her publicly–right?

Am I missing something? Why else would people pretend they didn’t know she was running for that seat? Why else would they endorse anyone in a primary? This seems like payback and what else has Lynn done that has caused them such public consternation, other than being in Williams’s cross-hairs when he decided to play “I’m a letch.” and then have it come out?

Tell me what’s going on here! Please.

4 thoughts on “Political Pundits, Help!

  1. I thought the Republicans wanted it to come out so they could get Williams back after he snagged the speaker’s job out from under the party choice. It sure seemed like it since all that just happened to come out right after Williams got the job.

  2. Also, McCall owns D.T. McCall and Sons which is a big furniture store that does quite well. So he’s had a lot of cash for campaign contributions in the past. That’s probably got something to do with who’s helping him.

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  4. To be honest I’m not entirely sure, but I think you’re right in that it’s because she violated the rules of the good ole boys club, and brought what happens in vegas home.

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