Busy, Busy

If I know you, you are either having a baby or getting married. I’m aware that this is bad news for a lot of you, but buck up and make the best of it.  Ha. Which means, of course, that I’ve been itching to throw together a bunch of baby afghans. But I’ve got to finish the ghost stories and do my two weeks at Feministe (which start Monday!) and get together a post for Home Ec 101 and have something insightful to say for Constitution day and on and on.

All of this is do-able, but not if I flake out and start making baby blankets instead.

But babies!

And my cousin is getting married! We’re not going up to the wedding and I’ve never met his fiancee, but I would like to raise a hearty toast to anyone willing to become legally attached to this mess of a weird family. Ha.  Apparently everyone is very concerned because the fiancee is Chinese. Some are concerned because they are worried that her Chinese family will be so different than us with strange customs and strange ways and oh no, how will their weird strangeness ever be accommodated? Others are concerned that the first faction’s attitude, as well-meaning as it might be, is going to take what would be 20 seconds of awkwardness at strangers meeting and turn it into a whole weekend of awkwardness because we cannot forget that they are so different than us.

Now’s the time when I tell you that the fiancee’s family is from New York City and so, if there is any humor in the universe, someone in her family is right now writing a blog post about how her family is freaking out because they’re going to this wedding where the groom’s family are from these tiny rural towns and they probably don’t even know what a museum is and isn’t that going to be weird and awkward.

Anyway, some folks thought it would be nice if I crocheted them a red wedding afghan, because red is a lucky color to wear at weddings in Chinese culture. And I at first was like, oh, yeah, that would be nice. But then I gave it some thought and I have no idea if red is an appropriate and lucky color for Chinese weddings.  I don’t even think you can talk about “Chinese” as a monolithic culture. And I don’t want to feed into this whole “So, we’ve noticed you’re Chinese…” vibe, even if all those things are true.

So, anyway, it doesn’t matter too much because I have to be writing this month, not crocheting, so I wouldn’t have it ready in time for the wedding anyway, so I can just go to the yarn store and pick the colors that strike me as the most beautiful.