Is this the second to the last episode of True Blood?

I give up.  I give up trying to even be remotely objective about this show. Bring on the world’s stupidest people! Doing the world’s stupidest stuff! All I ask is for more naked Eric.

Bring it on.

It would be more fun to have your period if that blood made cool plinking sounds when it hit the ground.

Oh, poor Jessica.

Oh, Bill.  He gets bossed around.

Fur handcuffs. I love LaFayette.

If Sam can become any animal, does that include people?  Could he look like Andy?

Good lord, Tara’s mom is a moron. Just a moron.

But Erik looks fantastic in a dress. Wow.

I do think it’s interesting that everyone is being a little corrupted by what’s happened to them this season, whether or not Maryanne’s involved.

It’s wrong, but I enjoyed watching Tara’s mom get beaned with the ashtray.

I’m glad they have a good actor playing LaFayette, too, because he’s the only person who seems rightly scared.

And I’m kind of glad to see MaryAnne melting down a little bit.

I love Andy a little bit more every week.

I love Pam rolling her eyes.

And chest-hair!

“He went on a vacation with Jesus.”


Tea-cup humans.


I want Eric to say “Good night tiny humans” and wink at me!!!!

Whew, I have lost my mind. Don’t mind me.

Blergh. That finger has freaked me out.

Is that guy rubbing intestines on himself in the sink?

I swear, part of being a vampire must be being boring as hell, and boring those around you half to death.

Is that really the end of Carl?

I have to tell you, I think it’s kind of cowardly of Bill to not tell Hadley about her Gran. No, not kind of, very. Very cowardly.

Oh, I love that Eric totally called Bill on the whole “Sookie blood drinking” crap.

But who else can fly? Can Bill?

I kind of love how grouchy Andy is.

Yes, this town is full of crazy rednecks and dumbasses. I think that should be the subtitle of this show.

Damn it! I can’t wait until next week!

5 thoughts on “Is this the second to the last episode of True Blood?

  1. my favorite part in the movie is when sookie hit Tara’s mom with the ash tray… funny. I’m wondering what ‘s up with the egg in the bed…Is it the god to come? Wow !!!! I can’t believe that Tara had Ms.jeanette summit Maryanna (that’s crazy). Lafayette,Maryanna’s cook…WTF….Don’t like that!!!! @ all!!!:(

  2. I stumbled on this show while in Texas and flipping through channels in the hotel. I caught the premiere episode, and then a week later caught the 2nd while still in Texas. When I got home, I decided $14 / month for HBO was too much just to watch one show, so I put True Blood in my Netflix queue. Now I’m waiting for Season 2 to be released.

    My chief complaint about this show? The writers evidently have never been to Louisiana. The show is set in north Louisiana, near Monroe … Shreveport … Ruston … somewhere along I-20. But, all their stereotypes, scenery, culture, etc … is all southern Louisiana, down around Lafayette, Baton Rouge, etc …

    The writers have no clue that Louisiana is like two completely different states with to completely different cultures.

  3. I think there’s a point where Sam says people are too complicated to transform into.

    Eric fixing his hair after flying was fantastic. He’s so tall. I want to climb him like a tree.

    I think the season finale isn’t airing until Sept 13. How will we wait? Will the episode have enough Eric in it?

  4. (new here, from Feministe, lurking all day reading posts, and yes, it’s True Blood that gets me to post. Well. Eric, really.)

    “Teacup humans” is going to stick in my vocabulary.

    Love Lafayette. Really sick of Tara. And there is never, ever enough Eric.

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