So, I’m Not the Only “Long Black Veil” Fan in My Family

On the way home from work, my other brother called me and asked me if I’d heard this song about a guy who is hanged and there’s a murder and the man who ran looked a lot like him and the girl cries all over his bones. He said, “It’s some traditional song.”

I said, “No it’s not! It’s one of my favorite country music songs ever!”

And he said he was going to learn to play it.

He called me right now and we looked the song up on and I played a bunch of 30 second snippets of different people’s versions so that he could hear it.

And I said, “Do you want to hear Bill Monroe’s version?”

And he was all, “Betsy, come on. You know I can’t sing that high.”

But what the fuck, people? I have never heard my brother sing.

But you know what?

I just might, now.

Woo hoo

Well, since y’all know me, I will just say that I was very nervous about guest-blogging at Feministe, but wow, I am having a nice time so far and I’m enjoying it a lot.  I’m going to have to think about things, because I have to say that one of the things I find stops me when I’m blogging here is that I often feel like, “Well, of course, y’all have heard about this.  Of course you have figured that out.” And it’s kind of nice to speak again to folks who may not know something I know about.

Ha, I don’t know what that says about me that I envision you all as so much smarter and cooler than me, but I do, so there you go.

In other news, the ongoing saga of Nashville not having school books for kids, still, has me so floored I about can’t even tell you.  Not only that, but the way that folks in the comment threads over at Pith are just “What is this mother complaining about? Lots of schools in Nashville don’t have books.” (read the comments here and here)

I mean, what the fuck?

Don’t get me wrong. I get that the city’s argument is basically “We’re not racist, we’re just incompetent,” but the amount of people who shrug their shoulders at the incompetence of our schools is just fucking frightening. You’d think that parents whose kids didn’t have the books they needed and teachers who didn’t have the materials they needed would find a way to join in this lawsuit instead of being so hostile to the woman bringing the suit, but it just goes to show that some people really resent it when you remind them of what they should have been doing.