5 thoughts on “Ooo. Good News for Niko Case Fans!

  1. Do I have to surrender my presumptive cool if I admit I have heard much about her but nothing by her? She’s someone more admired than played, at least up here.

    If i were starting to listen, fans, where would I start and why?

  2. I’m sure that someone disagree, strongly, but in my opinion, Neko Case is a brilliant singer of weird, creepy songs who, for some reason, wants to be a lounge singer.

    I dig Blacklisted and Furnace Room Lullaby (at the least, get you the actual song Furnace Room Lullaby and then get the heebie jeebies with me).

    And the Corn Sisters’ version of “This Little Light of Mine” makes me so happy.

  3. I like “Set out Running.” When Case goes big and clear with her voice she sounds sort of like Connie Smith. It’s a striking sound.

  4. I really prefer her work in New Pornographers. There’s a couple of leads on “Electric Version” that are simply outstanding.

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