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I decided I’m not going to cross-post the stuff at Feministe. No good reason except that it annoys me when I see it in my Google reader. I’m all “But I already read that!” and then I realize that it’s me. But you can read about my theories on anti-abortion folks here and 287(g) here (I have mixed feelings about the comments).

Ta-Nehisi Coates is hosting an interesting discussion about the weirdest piece of crap magazine article I’ve read in a while.

Here’s an article about True Blood. And I have to ask you, does it seem to end weirdly abruptly?

These kids sent me an email that says (and I am not even kidding), “It seems getting on blogrolls and sharing your blogroll space is a big part of this whole wordpress business, so we figured we’d start at the top and see if we could throw your site on ours and jump on yours.” I’m curious about what they mean by “at the top.”  Of all the blogs written by women whose name starts with B and who are aunts, is mine the best?  Do I come across like the internet’s dominatrix?  I don’t know.  But I wonder.

I admit, when I heard about this, I thought the name sounded kind of dumb, but I find how it looks to be so damn aesthetically pleasing–localolio–that I am completely willing to overlook that it could be something my mom used when trying to make “healthier” cookies. Also, I am sitting here at my desk quietly yodelling to to myself and it works very nicely for that.

4 thoughts on “Links, Links, and More Links

  1. I don’t know. The last two episodes of True Blood totally made me feel like the writers either quit, where laid off, or went on vacation. Things went completely to hell, and the more I think of it, the more I feel like that explosion was the official departure of the good writers. You know when places blow up and leave you wondering who survives that this is a sign: the good writers have left the building.

  2. Do I come across like the internet’s dominatrix?

    Heh. I want to see this in the inimitable Aunt B. paintbrush sketch format.

  3. It’s interesting, because while there are obvious differences, both the TB article and the quoted part of the Flanagan article have the feel of something that would have been written in my freshman comp class.

    I had a hard time following the mental gymnastics of the True Blood piece. I think because I’m used to smoother (more linear? more obvious?) transitions when reading something that calls itself an article. It’s like when you write an essay, then have to cut a bunch out, but don’t rewrite the transitions. However, I freely admit that I’m a dorky science chick, and spend a lot of time reading science journals where A is supposed to lead directly to B.

    The Flanagan article didn’t bother me as much as some of the folks over there. But the quoted part, taken out of context, totally sounds like a new undergrad trying to pull together all the random junk in their brain. “See? I can make a story out of all this. And this? Right here? This is where you should be totally moved by my emotional story telling.”

    But overall, I kind of enjoyed reading the Flanagan piece, if only because it’s not something I would normally come across.

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