You know, it’s funny, but I can find fifty other things to do rather than clean my house, even watching paint dry.  But give me some nice days like we had this weekend, and I kind of love weeding beyond all reason.  I like the dirt and the sun on my skin.  I like being close enough to my small plants to get a good look at them.  And I love piling things in the compost pile.

It just doesn’t feel like a chore at all to me.

It reminds me of being small and playing in the dirt.

And in spite of the fact that I had only marigolds and the one Mexican sunflower in my butterfly garden this year, after getting in there and looking at the things that are growing, I feel pretty confident about having a garden full of coneflowers and black eyed susans next year.

Well, If Anyone Would Know

Via Tiny Pasture, we learn that Bill Hobbs has the audacity to say

What people should do in this current golden age of grassroots media is, think before they speak – or post online, because actions have consequences and when you publish via the online media you are making your content available to a potentially global audience.

Shoot, at this point, you almost wonder if Hobbs isn’t performance art. One day it’s going to come out that he was Colbert before Colbert.