20 thoughts on “Well, Once There’s a Press Release, You Know It’s Real

  1. Please, please tell me someone is going to be filming this for YouTube. I’m not coming back to Nashville until the 18th (for Rosh Hashonah) but I’m dying to see you lay the smackdown.

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  3. And I can’t remember if we decided to focus on the 2nd Amendment or the 10th.

    I am, honestly, a little nervous about debating Terry because she has radio experience. What if she just starts yelling and going all Rush Limbaugh on me?

    Even my dad is worried. He keeps calling me up and being all, “Now, if she tries to bring up this Bible verse, be sure to remind her of John 3:17” and other stuff.

  4. which reminds me that I haven’t asked if 2pm will be okay with you. Terry can’t cover her business until then.

    I look forward to meeting you. I suggested to Terry that you guys email your topics to each other. Any constitutional topic is fine by me.

  5. It is free and open to the public. I will be filming it. All of you please come. Most of the time, nobody bothers with our Constitution Day events.

  6. Okay, I’m slamming you with emails. You don’t have to speak on the same topic. Terry, I think, might be discussing the Fairness Doctrine. So, you may pick whatever topic you want.

  7. 15-20 minutes each followed by questions from the audience. I don’t have any idea what the makeup will be beyond students, faculty, and retired scientists form ORNL. Terry will announce it on her radio show so some of her listeners will be there.

    The moderator will require people to be polite with any questions.

  8. And there is much interest on campus so far. Several professors know about both you and Terry and are excited about it.

  9. Kat and B, I’d say the 3 hour estimate is about right. It might even be just a smidge shorter than that, depending on how far off I-40 Roane State is, and how far you each have to go to get on I-40E.

  10. It should be around 3 hours. Our Oak Ridge campus is about 12 miles from I-40. I’ll send you mapquest directions by email.

  11. Oh crap, I wish this were taking place on a Saturday. I would so be there. I would make a sign for you, too, like people have at ball games.

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