Eyebrow Hairs

Okay, I’ve been meaning to ask y’all this for a while, but I have been slightly embarrassed.  But I’m dying of curiosity, and so I’m willing to overcome my discomfort.

Sometimes, I get an eyebrow hair that hurts.  Like, right now, I can feel one on my left eyebrow and it hurts and it even kind of hurts to touch it, but if I can’t suss out which eyebrow hair it is and yank it out, it will continue to hurt.

When I do finally get it, the pain in my eyebrow will subside, but it will hurt like a motherfucker to get it out.

Okay, got it.

But what do you think it is? Like a defective eyebrow-hair grower or something?

Not My President

Someone I know well, who will remain nameless, still has a “Not My President” bumper sticker on his car from the W. era. I mention it not to excuse the unpatriotic morons who pulled their kids out of school yesterday, but to remind myself that, as much as I want to be all “Even in the worst days of the GWB presidency, you never saw liberals acting like Bush wasn’t our leader; in fact, that’s in part why we were so mad–because he was.” it’s not true.

I also am very sympathetic to the “it’s not equivalent” argument, but I also know, having been in the blogosphere for a while now, that nuanced truths are very hard to get out there.  Large groups of people believe large un-nuanced concepts.  One group says “He’s not really my President” and the other group thinks “Oh, look, ‘He’s not really my President’ is an acceptable tactic, can be considered the truth.”

Which is not to say that I don’t completely agree with Katie Allison Granju’s post. I do.

I think it’s appalling that people not only are teaching their children that “Not my president” bullshit, but that they think they have a right to bully every other family in their school system, to prevent other children from seeing the President speak.

And that school administrators caved to that?

Wow. Well, at least now we know where the bullies rule.

But back to my point. That the right would move to deligitimize Obama when so many on the left never recognized the legitimacy of Bush is the least surprising thing in the world.

And yes, I know there are nuanced arguments for why we were completely justified in our feelings towards Bush.  Or whatever.  That’s not what I’m trying to get at.  I don’t care if it was justified then, but not now.

I care about recognizing that the nuance gets lost at crowd level.